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Mass and environment as drivers of galaxy evolution in SDSS and zCOSMOS and the origin of the Schechter function
We explore the simple inter-relationships between mass, star formation rate, and environment in the SDSS, zCOSMOS, and other deep surveys. We take a purely empirical approach in identifying those
Accurate photometric redshifts for the CFHT legacy survey calibrated using the VIMOS VLT deep survey
We present photometric redshifts for an uniquely large and deep sample of 522286 objects with i'_{AB}<25 in the Canada-France Legacy Survey ``Deep Survey'' fields, which cover a total effective area
COSMOS Photometric Redshifts with 30-bands for 2-deg2
We present accurate photometric redshifts in the 2-deg2 COSMOS field. The redshifts are computed with 30 broad, intermediate, and narrow bands covering the UV (GALEX), Visible-NIR (Subaru, CFHT,
Mass assembly in quiescent and star-forming galaxies since z ≃ 4 from UltraVISTA
We estimate the galaxy stellar mass function and stellar mass density for star-forming and quiescent galaxies with 0.2   1.5 consistent with the expected uncertainties. We also develop a new method
The Canada-France Redshift Survey. VI. Evolution of the Galaxy Luminosity Function to Z approximately 1
The cosmic evolution of the field galaxy population has been studied out to a redshift of z � 1 using a sample of 730 I-band selected galaxies, of which 591 have secure redshifts with median � 0.56.
Spectral Energy Distributions of Hard X-Ray Selected Active Galactic Nuclei in the XMM-Newton Medium Deep Survey
We present the SEDs of a hard X-ray selected sample containing 136 sources with F_(2-10 keV) > 10^(-14) erg cm^(-2) s^(-1); 132 are AGNs. The sources are detected in a 1 deg^2 area of the XMM-Newton
We follow the galaxy stellar mass assembly by morphological and spectral type in the COSMOS 2 deg^2 field. We derive the stellar mass functions and stellar mass densities from z = 2 to z = 0.2 using
Hubble Space Telescope imaging of the CFRS and LDSS redshift surveys—IV. Influence of mergers in the evolution of faint field galaxies from z∼1
ABSTRA C T Hubble Space Telescope images of a sample of 285 galaxies with measured redshifts from the Canada‐France Redshift Survey (CFRS) and Autofib‐Low Dispersion Spectrograph Survey (LDSS)
The Ha Luminosity Function and Star Formation Rate at z\sim 0.2
We have measured the Ha+[N II] fluxes of the I-selected Canada-France Redshift Survey (CFRS) galaxies lying at a redshift z below 0.3, and hence derived the Ha luminosity function. The magnitude
The VIMOS VLT Deep Survey. The assembly history of the stellar mass in galaxies: from the young to t
We present a detailed analysis of the Galaxy Stellar Mass Function of galaxies up to z=2.5 as obtained from the VVDS. We estimate the stellar mass from broad-band photometry using 2 different