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IL-1 Receptor Antagonist Protects against Placental and Neurodevelopmental Defects Induced by Maternal Inflammation
It is demonstrated that end of gestation exposure of pregnant rats to systemic microbial product (LPS) triggers placental inflammation and massive cell death, fetal mortality, and both forebrain white matter and motor behavioral alterations in the offspring, suggesting a possible protective treatment against human placental and fetal brain damage.
Organic matter diagenesis and bacterial contributions to detrital carbon and nitrogen in the Amazon River system
Amino sugars and amino acids, including the bacterial biomarkers muramic acid and D‐amino acids, were measured to investigate the diagenetic alterations of and microbial contributions to detrital
Compositional differences between size classes of dissolved organic matter from freshwater and seawater revealed by an HPLC-FTIR system.
High-performance liquid chromatography was coupled with Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy to characterize dissolved organic matter and showed that an HPLC-FTIR system is a powerful and complementary tool in the characterization of DOM.
Behavioral, Medical Imaging and Histopathological Features of a New Rat Model of Bone Cancer Pain
This model of rat femoral mammary carcinoma MRMT-1 cell implantation demonstrates the importance of simultaneously recording pain and tumor progression and will allow us to better characterize therapeutic strategies in the future.
Preparation of polymer single chain nanoparticles using intramolecular photodimerization of coumarin
We present a new and easy method for preparing polymer single chain nanoparticles (SCNPs). It uses the photodimerization of coumarin groups located on the same chain to obtain the intrachain
Cancer radiotherapy based on femtosecond IR laser-beam filamentation yielding ultra-high dose rates and zero entrance dose
The type of final damage and its mechanisms in aqueous media, at the molecular and biomolecular level, is comparable to that of conventional ionizing radiation, and at the tumor tissue level in an animal cancer model, the laser irradiation method shows clear therapeutic benefits.