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The Relationship between Bullying Behaviours and High School Dropout in Cape Town, South Africa
Bullying is generally defined as largely unprovoked, negative physical or psychological actions perpetrated repeatedly over time between bully/ies and victims. Bullying can lead to fear of school,Expand
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More than just talk: the framing of transactional sex and its implications for vulnerability to HIV in Lesotho, Madagascar and South Africa
Background'Transactional sex' was regarded by the mid-1990s as an important determinant of HIV transmission, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. Little attention has been paid to what the terms usedExpand
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The construction of an idealised urban masculinity among men with concurrent sexual partners in a South African township
Background : The perspectives of heterosexual males who have large sexual networks comprising concurrent sexual partners and who engage in high-risk sexual behaviours are scarcely documented. YetExpand
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HIV Risk Behaviours and their Relationship to Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Among Men Who Have Multiple Female Sexual Partners in Cape Town, South Africa
HIV/AIDS and intimate partner violence (IPV) are growing public health concerns in South Africa. Knowledge about adult men’s perpetration of IPV and links between HIV risk behaviours and IPV isExpand
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“Money talks, bullshit walks” interrogating notions of consumption and survival sex among young women engaging in transactional sex in post-apartheid South Africa: a qualitative enquiry
BackgroundTransactional sex is believed to be a significant driver of the HIV epidemic among young women in South Africa. This sexual risk behaviour is commonly associated with age mixing,Expand
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“Taking Care of Business”: Alcohol as Currency in Transactional Sexual Relationships Among Players in Cape Town, South Africa
In this article we examine the dynamics of social relationships in which alcohol use and risky sexual behaviors cooccur. As part of a larger biological and behavioral HIV surveillance survey, 20 menExpand
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Substance Use and Psychosocial Predictors of High School Dropout in Cape Town, South Africa
The aims of this study were to examine whether use of tobacco, alcohol, and illicit drugs predicts dropout among secondary school students in Cape Town, South Africa. A self‐report instrument wasExpand
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Predictors of Inconsistent Condom Use among a Hard to Reach Population of Young Women with Multiple Sexual Partners in Peri-Urban South Africa
Background Evidence suggests that multiple concurrent sexual partnering may be a key driver of the high HIV prevalence among young women in South Africa. However, little is known about whether and toExpand
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A systematic literature review of tobacco use among adults 15 years and older in sub-Saharan Africa.
BACKGROUND Given that developing countries (and particularly women in these countries) are at increasing risk for tobacco use, the need for hard data to accurately monitor tobacco use in developingExpand
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The Associations of Voluntary Counseling and Testing Acceptance and the Perceived Likelihood of Being HIV-Infected Among Men with Multiple Sex Partners in a South African Township
This paper examines the socio-demographic factors and sexual risk behaviors (condom use, number of sexual partners, STI symptoms) associated with voluntary counselling and testing (VCT) acceptanceExpand
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