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Alternative Splicing Switches Potassium Channel Sensitivity to Protein Phosphorylation*
Alternative exon splicing and reversible protein phosphorylation of large conductance calcium-activated potassium (BK) channels represent fundamental control mechanisms for the regulation of cellularExpand
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Functionally Diverse Complement of Large Conductance Calcium- and Voltage-activated Potassium Channel (BK) α-Subunits Generated from a Single Site of Splicing*[boxs]
The pore-forming α-subunits of large conductance calcium- and voltage-activated potassium (BK) channels are encoded by a single gene that undergoes extensive alternative pre-mRNA splicing. However,Expand
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Molecular components of large conductance calcium-activated potassium (BK) channels in mouse pituitary corticotropes.
Large-conductance calcium- and voltage- activated potassium (BK) channels play a fundamental role in the signaling pathways regulating mouse anterior pituitary corticotrope function. Here we describeExpand
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Distinct Acyl Protein Transferases and Thioesterases Control Surface Expression of Calcium-activated Potassium Channels*
Background: Enzymes controlling (de)palmitoylation of ion channels are poorly defined. Results: Palmitoylation of BK channels by zDHHC22 and zDHHC23 and depalmitoylation by LYPLA1 and LYPLAL1Expand
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Palmitoylation gates phosphorylation-dependent regulation of BK potassium channels
Large conductance calcium- and voltage-gated potassium (BK) channels are important regulators of physiological homeostasis and their function is potently modulated by protein kinase A (PKA)Expand
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Multiple Palmitoyltransferases Are Required for Palmitoylation-dependent Regulation of Large Conductance Calcium- and Voltage-activated Potassium Channels*
Palmitoylation is emerging as an important and dynamic regulator of ion channel function; however, the specificity with which the large family of acyl palmitoyltransferases (zinc fingerExpand
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Substrate recognition by the cell surface palmitoyl transferase DHHC5
Significance Dynamic palmitoylation at the cell surface by the acyl transferase DHHC5 regulates a plethora of physiological processes, from endocytosis to synaptic plasticity. Here we report thatExpand
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Distinct stoichiometry of BKCa channel tetramer phosphorylation specifies channel activation and inhibition by cAMP-dependent protein kinase.
Large conductance voltage- and calcium-activated potassium (BK(Ca)) channels are important signaling molecules that are regulated by multiple protein kinases and protein phosphatases at multipleExpand
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A noncanonical SH3 domain binding motif links BK channels to the actin cytoskeleton via the SH3 adapter cortactin
Calcium‐activated potassium (BK) channels play a central role in regulating multiple physiological processes, from the control of blood flow to neuronal excitability. Coordinated regulation of BKExpand
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Selective Expression in Carotid Body Type I Cells of a Single Splice Variant of the Large Conductance Calcium- and Voltage-activated Potassium Channel Confers Regulation by AMP-activated Protein
Inhibition of large conductance calcium-activated potassium (BKCa) channels mediates, in part, oxygen sensing by carotid body type I cells. However, BKCa channels remain active in cells that do notExpand
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