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Kilimanjaro Ice Core Records: Evidence of Holocene Climate Change in Tropical Africa
Variable deposition of F– and Na+during the African Humid Period suggests rapidly fluctuating lake levels between ∼11.7 and 4 ka, which is coincident with the “First Dark Age,” the period of the greatest historically recorded drought in tropical Africa. Expand
Different glacier status with atmospheric circulations in Tibetan Plateau and surroundings
Glacial melting in the Tibetan Plateau affects the water resources of millions of people. This study finds that—partly owing to changes in atmospheric circulations and precipitation patterns—the mostExpand
Late Glacial Stage and Holocene Tropical Ice Core Records from Huascar�n, Peru
Two ice cores from the col of Huascar�n in the north-central Andes of Peru contain a paleoclimatic history extending well into the Wisconsinan (W�rm) Glacial Stage and include evidence of the Younger Dryas cool phase, implying that a strong warming has dominated the last two centuries. Expand
Tropical Climate Instability: The Last Glacial Cycle from a Qinghai-Tibetan Ice Core
An ice core record from the Guliya ice cap on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau provides evidence of regional climatic conditions over the last glacial cycle. 36 Cl data suggest that the deepest 20 metersExpand
Abrupt tropical climate change: past and present.
It is argued that the present warming and associated glacier retreat are unprecedented in some areas for at least 5,200 yr, which is not only contributing to global sea-level rise but also threatening freshwater supplies in many the world's most populous regions. Expand
Experimental Dendroclimatic Reconstruction of the Southern Oscillation.
Abstract Exactly dated tree-ring chronologies from ENSO-sensitive regions in subtropical North America and Indonesia together register the strongest ENSO signal yet detected in tree-ring dataExpand
Recovery and Identification of Viable Bacteria Immured in Glacial Ice
An extraction system has been constructed that melts ice from the interior of ice cores and collects the resulting water aseptically. Using this system, bacteria entrapped in ice cores from differentExpand
Ice‐core palaeoclimate records in tropical South America since the Last Glacial Maximum
Ice-core records spanning the last 25 000 yr from the tropical Andes of South America are reviewed. These records from Quelccaya, Huascaran and Sajama present a high temporal resolution picture ofExpand
A 1500-Year Record of Tropical Precipitation in Ice Cores from the Quelccaya Ice Cap, Peru
Two ice cores, covering 1500 years of climatic information, from the summit (5670 meters) of the tropical Quelccaya ice cap, in the Andes of southern Peru, provide information on generalExpand
Isolation of bacteria and 16S rDNAs from Lake Vostok accretion ice.
The recovery of bacterial isolates belonging to the Brachybacteria, Methylobacterium, Paenibacillus and Sphingomonas lineages are reported from a sample of melt water from this accretion ice that originated 3593 m below the surface. Expand