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Comparison of direct electron microscopy, immune electron microscopy, and rotavirus enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for detection of gastroenteritis viruses in children.
An approximate 10% suspension in water of the first available stool sample from 411 infants and young children with acute gastroenteritis was examined by electron microscopy (EM) after 2 min ofExpand
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Latin American Theology
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Don't Deny My Name: Words and Music and the Black Intellectual Tradition
This book offers reflections on the relationships between black American intellectuals and African American musical traditions from blues to hip hop.These learned but engagingly personal essays byExpand
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The Shadow World: New York's Umbra Workshop & Origins of the Black Arts Movement
For the oldtime fancy-talking sporting man, it was the city so nice they had to name it twice. New York New York. To many others it's not quite so nice. Cold blooded, really. Still, in spite of orExpand
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Reading race in American poetry : an area of act
Situated at the intersection of poetry, race, and politics, this collection exposes the many and various ways race informs American poetry. Contributors examine the historical influence of race onExpand
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[Lactic acidosis treated with thiamine. 3 cases].
Of 3 alcoholic patients with severe lactic acidosis, one had shoshin beriberi; the second--a beer drinker--presented with convulsions associated with hyponatraemia and complicated by rhabdomyolysisExpand
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Extraordinary measures : Afrocentric modernism and twentieth-century American poetry
This broad overview by an established poet and cultural critic reveals the rich tapestry of African American poetry as it has emerged over the past century. From early 20th-century writings toExpand
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"Classical Jazz" and the Black Arts Movement
The period between 1960 and 1970 represents an era of important and extraordinary cultural change in the United States. Longstanding issues of the relationship of ethnic vernacular art to theExpand
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Authenticity and Elevation: Sterling Brown's Theory of the Blues
Every poet must confront a serious problem: how to reconcile one's private preoccupations with the need to make poetry that is both accessible and useful to others. A failure in this area does not,Expand
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