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Bulk elastic wave propagation in partially saturated porous solids
The linear equations of motion that describe the behavior of small disturbances in a porous solid containing both liquid and gas are solved for bulk wave propagation. The equations have beenExpand
A model for teaching multidisciplinary capstone design in mechanical engineering
This paper describes a model for a multidisciplinary approach to teaching capstone design in mechanical engineering. The multidisciplinary approach described in this paper includes the involvement ofExpand
Nonlinear and semilinear dynamic poroelasticity with microstructure
Abstract Nonlinear equations for wave propagation through dry or fluid-saturated porous elastic media are derived using a variational formulation. The method presented is very similar to the approachExpand
Mechanics of porous elastic materials containing multiphase fluid
Abstract A continuum theory of mixtures for a porous elastic solid saturated by immiscible viscous fluids is presented. The theory includes micro-inertial effects for the local fluctuation in volumeExpand
Matrix methods in synthetic seismograms
A new formulation for the matrix problems arising in the computation of seismograms in a stratified medium . Expand
Linear Dynamic Poroelasticity With Microstructure for Partially Saturated Porous Solids
Linear equations of motion are derived to describe the behavior of small disturbances in a porous solid containing both liquid and gas. Appropriate boundary conditions are derived to guarantee theExpand
Numerical Methods in Seismology
A survey is given of the numerical methods used for computing synthetic seismograms. In particular, the properties of finite differences, finite elements, integral transforms, and ray tracing areExpand
Effective constants for wave propagation through partially saturated porous media
The multipole scattering coefficients for elastic wave scattering from a spherical inhomogeneity in a fluid‐saturated porous medium have been calculated. These coefficients may be used to obtainExpand
Vertical Stress Distribution in Oil-Shale Aggregate Columns During Retorting
This study considers the stresses developed in an oil-shale rubble column during in situ retorting and assesses the change of the mechanical properties of this rubble mass as a result of theExpand
The capstone design experience in mechanical engineering at Howard University
In this paper, the authors describe innovations that have taken place and continuous quality improvements that have been achieved in the capstone design stem of the mechanical engineering curriculumExpand