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A Report on Librarian-Faculty Relations from a Sociological Perspective
In this report, we review social science and library studies literatures on librarian-faculty relations, and present a preliminary sociological analysis of these relations. We find an asymmetricalExpand
Physiological and Psychological Effects of Short-term Exercise Addiction on Habitual Runners
This experiment examined, through quantitative measures, exercise dependence in subjects who had been running at least a year and ran at least 5 days a week. The subjects, 24 males and 9 females,Expand
Prostate Cancer Support Groups
The literature only partially answers a number of significant questions, including the types of groups most appropriate for people with specific diseases, process variables most significant to the success of groups, and specific factors that are barriers to group involvement by certain populations. Expand
Information Dissemination and Library Instruction in Psychology Revisited
Abstract A review of both psychological and general science literature of the last decade reveals much discussion about paradigmatic change. In actuality, the process of information dissemination inExpand
Leveraging collaboration for information literacy in psychology
A case study of the integration of information literacy into a psychology research course is presented. The process of integration began with developing learning outcomes, a four‐hour curriculum,Expand
Design and construction of baghouses for the Shawnee Steam Plant
Abstract This paper deals with the basic considerations of the specifications, detail design, and construction of the baghouse system for the 10-unit Shawnee Steam Plant. Special attention is givenExpand
Faculty Audiovisual Materials Use and Collection Planning at Georgia State University
Nine hundred eighty-six faculty members at Georgia State University were surveyed in May, 1985 on audiovisual materials use. Three hundred and seven or 31% responded to the questionnaire. One hundredExpand