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Limb lengthening in achondroplasia by Ilizarov's method
SummaryIn achondroplasts limb lengthening can restore the normal proportion of the body. The Ilizarov method of limb lengthening has been used in 37 patients, 23 of whom have had an adequateExpand
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Determination of aberrant hemoglobin derivatives in human blood.
Publisher Summary This chapter discusses the determination of aberrant hemoglobin derivatives in human blood. Normal red cells contain a mixture of hemoglobin derivatives; the physiologicallyExpand
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Hemoglobinometry in human blood.
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Purification and properties of a Triticum aestivum specific albumin
Abstract A specific albumin has been isolated from wheat seeds ( Triticum aestivum ) in sufficient yield and purity (approx. 95%) to carry out characterization studies. The protein has anExpand
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Haemoglobin Lepore Trait: Haematological and Structural Studies on the Italian Population
Summary. Haematological data on 59 heterozygotes for haemoglobin (Hb) Lepore and 10 double heterozygotes for Hb Lepore and β thalassaemia from 36 Italian families are reported. The red cell indicesExpand
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Hemoglobinometry: A comparison between the hemiglobincyanide method and the Coulter S counter.
The relative accuracy and precision of the Coulter S Counter have been evaluated in comparison with manual hemiglobincyanide determination according to the recommendations of the InternationalExpand
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A new abnormal human hemoglobin: Hb Prato (alpha 2 31 (B12) Arg leads to Ser beta 2).
An abnormal human hemoglobin was found in a hemolysate from a 5-year-old healthy child living in Prato (Tuscany, Italy). Strutctural studies demonstrated a previously unreported amino acidExpand
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Hemoglobin G San Jos6 (fl27 (A4) Glu Gly c 2), fl Thalassemia, and a Thalassemia in a Sicilian Family
A 3-year-old child of Sicilian origin was found to have a severe form of Cooley's anemia. Investigations were extended to other members of her family. In three, a rare fl-chain structural Hb variant,Expand
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Distribution of cystamine-35S in the sub-cellular particles of the organs of the rat.
SummaryThe localization of cystamine-35S was studied in the sub-cellular particles and the soluble proteins of the organs of rats injected with the radioactive substance in the tail-vein.TheExpand
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The hemoglobin of amphibia: II. Characterization of the hemoglobin of Rana esculenta L. physicochemical properties and amino acid composition
Abstract The hemoglobin from adult male Rana esculenta L. has been purified by chromatography on carboxymethylcellulose. Some physicochemical properties of the hemoprotein have been studied, and itsExpand
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