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Therapeutic hypercapnia prevents chronic hypoxia-induced pulmonary hypertension in the newborn rat.
Induction of hypercapnia by breathing high concentrations of carbon dioxide (CO(2)) may have beneficial effects on the pulmonary circulation. We tested the hypothesis that exposure to CO(2) wouldExpand
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Gluten-free diet reduces adiposity, inflammation and insulin resistance associated with the induction of PPAR-alpha and PPAR-gamma expression.
Gluten exclusion (protein complex present in many cereals) has been proposed as an option for the prevention of diseases other than coeliac disease. However, the effects of gluten-free diets onExpand
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Acute vasodilator effects of Rho-kinase inhibitors in neonatal rats with pulmonary hypertension unresponsive to nitric oxide.
Pulmonary hypertension (PHT) in neonates is often refractory to the current best therapy, inhaled nitric oxide (NO). The utility of a new class of pulmonary vasodilators, Rho-kinase (ROCK)Expand
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Antioxidative and immunomodulatory effects of tributyrin supplementation on experimental colitis.
Tributyrin (TBT) is a TAG composed of three butyric acids that has beneficial effects on ulcerative colitis due to its trophic, anti-inflammatory, pro-apoptotic and anti-carcinogenic properties. TheExpand
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Chá Branco (Camelia simensis) diminui estresse oxidativo e triglicerídios em camundongos com obesidade induzida por dieta hiperlipídica
Alguns estudos sugerem que o cha verde tenha efeitos beneficos na perda de peso e complicacoes da obesidade como aterosclerose e diabetes mellitus tipo 2, provavelmente por sua atividadeExpand
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The combination of high-fat diet-induced obesity and chronic ulcerative colitis reciprocally exacerbates adipose tissue and colon inflammation
BackgroundThis study evaluated the relationship between ulcerative colitis and obesity, which are both chronic diseases characterized by inflammation and increases in immune cells andExpand
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Modulation of adipose tissue inflammation by FOXP3+ Treg cells, IL-10, and TGF-β in metabolically healthy class III obese individuals.
OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to compare the profiles of proinflammatory (interleukin [IL]-6 and tumor necrosis factor [TNF]) and anti-inflammatory (IL-10 and transforming growth factorExpand
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Differences in adipose tissue inflammation and oxidative status in C57BL/6 and ApoE-/- mice fed high fat diet.
Apolipoprotein E deficient (Apo E-/-) mice are more resistant to the development of obesity compared to C57BL/6 wild type mice. They also hold a high basal oxidative status due to the loss ofExpand
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L-Arginine Pretreatment Reduces Intestinal Mucositis as Induced by 5-FU in Mice
Beneficial effects of L-arginine on immune responses and bowel function have been reported. Mucositis is a side effect of chemotherapy treatment that affects approximately 40% of patients. ThisExpand
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Oral butyrate reduces oxidative stress in atherosclerotic lesion sites by a mechanism involving NADPH oxidase down-regulation in endothelial cells.
Butyrate is a 4-carbon fatty acid that has antiinflammatory and antioxidative properties. It has been demonstrated that butyrate is able to reduce atherosclerotic development in animal models byExpand
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