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Strength of Welded Connections in G450 Sheet Steel
G450 steel to AS 1397 is a cold-reduced sheet steel with in-line galvanizing. Its grade is 450 MPa yield and 480 MPa tensile strength. It is widely used in Australia for purlins, and is being used toExpand
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Plastic-zone analysis of 3D steel frames using beam elements
This paper presents a corotational formulation of a spatial beam element for the purpose of 3D plastic-zone analysis of steel frames composed of compact tubular sections and open sections with noExpand
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Co-rotational and Lagrangian formulations for elastic three-dimensional beam finite elements
Abstract It has been pointed out in a previous paper by the authors [1] that conservative internal moments of a spatial beam are of the so-called fourth kind, and that the rotation variables whichExpand
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Symmetry of Tangent Stiffness Matrices of 3D Elastic Frame
In the literature, the symmetry of the element tangent stiffness matrix of a spatial elastic beam has been a subject of debate. The symmetry of the tangent stiffness matrices derived by someExpand
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Combined Bearing and Shear-Out Capacity of Structural Steel Bolted Connections
AbstractThis study is concerned with the strength limit state of serial bolted connections in structural steel plates. It points out that the ultimate load capacity of a serial bolted connectionExpand
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Block shear capacity of bolted connections in hot- rolled steel plates
This paper extends the research previously conducted at the University of Wollongong on block shear failure of bolted connections in cold-reduced steel sheets with low ductility to hot-rolled steelExpand
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Self-shape optimisation principles: Optimisation of section capacity for thin-walled profiles
For economical benefits, optimisation of mass-produced structural steel products has been widely researched. The objective is to minimise the quantity of material used without sacrificing theExpand
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Self-shape optimisation application: Optimisation of cold-formed steel columns
Abstract This paper presents the optimisation of cold-formed steel open columns using the recently developed self-shape optimisation method that aims to discover new profile shapes. The strength ofExpand
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