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Contribution of marine fisheries to worldwide employment
Marine fisheries contribute to the global economy, from the catching of fish through to the provision of support services for the fishing industry. General lack of data and uncertainty about theExpand
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A Global Estimate of the Number of Coral Reef Fishers
Overfishing threatens coral reefs worldwide, yet there is no reliable estimate on the number of reef fishers globally. We address this data gap by quantifying the number of reef fishers on a globalExpand
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An overview of socio-economic and ecological perspectives of Fiji's inshore reef fisheries
This paper reviews the socio-economic and ecological context of Fijian reef fisheries. This review is deemed necessary because improved understanding of the state and trends of Fiji's coral reefExpand
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Planning for sustainable tourism in southern Pulau Banggi: an assessment of biophysical conditions and their implications for future tourism development.
  • L. Teh, A. Cabanban
  • Business, Medicine
  • Journal of environmental management
  • 1 December 2007
A priori assessments of a site's biophysical and socio-economic capacity for accommodating tourism are less common than tourism impact studies. A priori evaluations can provide a contextualExpand
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Autonomous adaptation to climate change by shrimp and catfish farmers in Vietnam's Mekong River delta.
The Mekong River delta of Vietnam supports a thriving aquaculture industry but is exposed to the impacts of climate change. In particular, sea level rise and attendant increased flooding (bothExpand
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A private management approach to coral reef conservation in Sabah, Malaysia
Many marine protected areas (MPAs), particularly in developing countries, have failed because of a lack of enforcement and monitoring due to limited public funds for conservation. Private investmentExpand
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Seasonality and historic trends in the reef fisheries of Pulau Banggi, Sabah, Malaysia
The reef fisheries of Pulau (meaning “island” in Malay) Banggi, Sabah are not managed, and lack baseline fisheries data despite forming part of a proposed marine park. Thus, a combination ofExpand
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Preferred Resource Spaces and Fisher Flexibility: Implications for Spatial Management of Small-Scale Fisheries
Many fisheries management interventions are in the form of spatial regulations that change fishers’ access to fishing grounds. How fishers respond to regulations directly affects the ecological andExpand
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Thailand's Missing Marine Fisheries Catch (1950–2014)
Overexploitation of marine resources has led to declining catches in many countries worldwide, and often also leads to fishing effort being exported to waters of neighboring countries or high seasExpand
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Fisheries Centre The University of British Columbia Working Paper Series Working Paper # 2014-16 Reconstructing the Marine Fisheries Catch of Peninsular Malaysia , Sarawak and Sabah , 1950-2010
We reconstructed marine fisheries catches for Peninsular Malaysia and the state of Sarawak from 1950-2010, and incorporated previously reconstructed catches for Sabah. Annual national landingsExpand
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