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Demographics of the gay and lesbian population in the United States: Evidence from available systematic data sources
This work provides an overview of standard social science data sources that now allow some systematic study of the gay and lesbian population in the United States. For each data source, we considerExpand
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The Earnings Effects of Sexual Orientation
This investigation of the effect of sexual orientation on earnings employs General Social Survey data from 1989–96. Depending largely on the definition of sexual orientation used, earnings areExpand
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The Economics of Lesbian and Gay Families
In this essay, we provide some statistics about the gay and lesbian population in the United States, and ask if analysis based on economic reasoning can provide insight into the family outcomes weExpand
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Why Do Gay Men Live in San Francisco
Abstract San Francisco is known both as one of America's loveliest cities and as home to an unusually large gay community. We argue that this overrepresentation of gays is not coincidental. GayExpand
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The Impact of the Great Migration on Mortality of African Americans: Evidence from the Deep South.
The Great Migration-the massive migration of African Americans out of the rural South to largely urban locations in the North, Midwest, and West-was a landmark event in U.S. HISTORY Our paperExpand
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Rat Race Redux: Adverse Selection in the Determination of Work Hours
This paper describes an organizational setting in which professional employees are required to work inefficiently long hours. The focus of the authors' investigation is large law firms. The incomeExpand
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Measurement of Higher Education in the Census and Current Population Survey
We examine measurement error in the reporting of higher education in the 1990 Decennial Census and the post-1991 Current Population Survey (CPS). We document that measurement error in the reportingExpand
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Gender Wage Disparities among the Highly Educated
We examine gender wage disparities for four groups of college-educated women—black, Hispanic, Asian, and non-Hispanic white—using the National Survey of College Graduates. Raw log wage gaps, relativeExpand
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Earnings Functions When Wages and Prices Vary by Location
In this paper we study whether location-specific price variation likely affects statistical inference and theoretical interpretation in the empirical implementation of human capital earningsExpand
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Are Children 'Normal'?
We examine Becker's (1960) contention that children are "normal." For the cross section of non-Hispanic white married couples in the U.S., we show that when we restrict comparisons toExpand
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