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Succession of microbial consortia in the developing infant gut microbiome
The colonization process of the infant gut microbiome has been called chaotic, but this view could reflect insufficient documentation of the factors affecting the microbiome. We performed a 2.5-yExpand
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Host Remodeling of the Gut Microbiome and Metabolic Changes during Pregnancy
Many of the immune and metabolic changes occurring during normal pregnancy also describe metabolic syndrome. Gut microbiota can cause symptoms of metabolic syndrome in nonpregnant hosts. Here, toExpand
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Production of bioenergy and biochemicals from industrial and agricultural wastewater.
The building of a sustainable society will require reduction of dependency on fossil fuels and lowering of the amount of pollution that is generated. Wastewater treatment is an area in which theseExpand
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Biochemical methane potential and biodegradability of complex organic substrates.
The biomethane potential and biodegradability of an array of substrates with highly heterogeneous characteristics, including mono- and co-digestion samples with dairy manure, was determined using theExpand
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Waste to bioproduct conversion with undefined mixed cultures: the carboxylate platform.
Our societies generate increasing volumes of organic wastes. Considering that we also need alternatives to oil, an opportunity exists to extract liquid fuels or even industrial solvents from theseExpand
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Impact of training sets on classification of high-throughput bacterial 16s rRNA gene surveys
Taxonomic classification of the thousands–millions of 16S rRNA gene sequences generated in microbiome studies is often achieved using a naïve Bayesian classifier (for example, the Ribosomal DatabaseExpand
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A communal catalogue reveals Earth’s multiscale microbial diversity
Our growing awareness of the microbial world’s importance and diversity contrasts starkly with our limited understanding of its fundamental structure. Despite recent advances in DNA sequencing, aExpand
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Sampling methodologies and dosage assessment techniques for submicrometre and ultrafine virus aerosol particles
Aims:  The aerosolization and collection of submicrometre and ultrafine virus particles were studied with the objective of developing robust and accurate methodologies to study airborne viruses.
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Electricity generation from artificial wastewater using an upflow microbial fuel cell.
The upflow microbial fuel cell (UMFC) was developed to generate electricity while simultaneously treating wastewater. During a five-month period of feeding a sucrose solution as the electron donor,Expand
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An upflow microbial fuel cell with an interior cathode: assessment of the internal resistance by impedance spectroscopy.
An upflow microbial fuel cell (UMFC) system with a U-shaped cathode inside the anode chamber was developed and produced a maximum volumetric power of 29.2 W/m3 at a volumetric loading rate of 3.40 kgExpand
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