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Reactions of sulfur-nitrosyl iron complexes of "g=2.03" family with hemoglobin (Hb): kinetics of Hb-NO formation in aqueous solutions.
NO-donating ability of nitrosyl [Fe-S] complexes, namely, mononuclear dinitrosyl complexes of anionic type [Fe(S2O3)2(NO)2]-(I) and neutral [Fe2(SL1)2(NO)2] with L1=1H-1,2,4-triazole-3-yl (II);Expand
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Reversible Dissociation and Ligand-Glutathione Exchange Reaction in Binuclear Cationic Tetranitrosyl Iron Complex with Penicillamine
This paper describes a comparative study of the decomposition of two nitrosyl iron complexes (NICs) with penicillamine thiolic ligands [Fe2(SC5H11NO2)2(NO)4]SO4 ·5H2O (I) and glutathione- (GSH-)Expand
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The photoreduction of nitrogenase.
The photoreduction, without reductant dithionite, of N2 to NH3 or acetylene to ethylene catalysed by nitrogenase in the presence of Mg2+. ATP, eosin and NADH in the light has been established. ThereExpand
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Xanthene dyes as photochemical donors for the nitrogenase reaction.
The ability of xanthene dyes to mediate photoinduced reduction of nitrogenase was tested. In addition to eosin, which was studied in the preceding work (Biochemistry (Moscow), 1996, 61, 2165-2172),Expand
The role of a P-cluster in the nitrogenase atpase reaction
Structural data on the nitrogenase complex of Azotobacter vinelandii, Av1·(Av2)2, stabilized by MgADP·AlF4− and, in particular, the structure and properties of a P-cluster involved in the nitrogenaseExpand
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Kinetics of elementary steps of electron transfer in nitrogenase in the presence of a photodonor.
The kinetics of transfer of two electrons from a photodonor (a system containing eosin and NADH or 4;,5;-dibromofluorescein and NADH) to Fe-protein (Av2) and the kinetics of transfer of the first andExpand
Kinetics of all stages of electron transfer in nitrogenase in the presence of a photodonor.
A photodonor is considered as an alternative electron donor for nitrogenase. The kinetic mechanism of nitrogenase turnover is discussed. The turnover is initiated by the transfer of an electron toExpand
A rapid method to evaluate potential vasodilatory activity of organic nitrates
The kinetics of interaction between organic nitrates (3,3-bis(nitroxymethyl)oxetane) and cysteine were evaluated by the rate of nitrite ion formation at various concentrations of reagents and pH. TheExpand