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Bathtub dynamics: initial results of a systems thinking inventory
In a world of accelerating change, educators, business leaders, environmentalists and scholars are calling for the development of systems thinking to improve our ability to take effective actions. Expand
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Understanding public complacency about climate change: adults’ mental models of climate change violate conservation of matter
Public attitudes about climate change reveal a contradiction. Surveys show most Americans believe climate change poses serious risks but also that reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissionsExpand
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Thinking about systems: student and teacher conceptions of natural and social systems
We study how middle school students and teachers think about everyday settings involving feedback, stocks and flows, time delays and nonlinearities, prior to any formal training in these concepts. Expand
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Ideas in Practice: Theoretical Bases for Using Movies in Developmental Coursework
Many developmental educators have shown movies in reading or writing classes, at the least to stimulate conversation and encourage close observation and at the most to enhance knowledge ofExpand
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nhanced early innate and T cell-mediated responses in subjects mmunized with Anthrax Vaccine Adsorbed Plus CPG 7909 ( AV 7909 )
NuThraxTM (Anthrax Vaccine Adsorbed with CPG 7909 Adjuvant) (AV7909) is in development. Samples obtained in a phase Ib clinical trial were tested to confirm biomarkers of innate immunity and evaluateExpand
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All Systems Go! Developing a Generation of “Systems-Smart” Kids
Try this: Find a young person between the ages of four and twenty-four. Show them a picture of a cow and ask, “If you cut a cow in half, do you get two cows?” Even the four-year-old will shout, “NoExpand
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