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Variants of Apricot latent foveavirus (ALV) isolated from South European orchards associated with peach asteroid spot and peach sooty ringspot diseases
The purpose of this study was to investigate the aetiology of two degenerative diseases of peach originally transmitted by graft-inoculation from apricot, the peach asteroid spot and the peach sootyExpand
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High-Throughput Sequencing Reveals Further Diversity of Little Cherry Virus 1 with Implications for Diagnostics
Little cherry virus 1 (LChV1, Velarivirus, Closteroviridae) is a widespread pathogen of sweet or sour cherry and other Prunus species, which exhibits high genetic diversity and lacks a putativeExpand
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First Report of the Presence of Plum pox virus Rec Strain in France.
Plum pox virus (PPV) is the most detrimental virus in stone fruit crops (Prunus sp.). At least nine monophyletic PPV strains are recognized, three of which, PPV-D, PPV-M, and PPV-Rec, have broadExpand
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First Report of the Presence of Plum pox virus Rec Strain in Turkey.
Plum pox virus (PPV) is a detrimental virus in stone fruit crops. Six strains of PPV are recognized, one of which, PPV-Rec, represents a group of isolates sharing a unique founding recombinationExpand
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First Report of Cherry virus A in Prunus mume in China.
Natural infections of Cherry virus A (CVA) have been reported in sweet (Prunus avium) and sour cherry (P. cerasus) from a number of European countries, North America, and Japan. CVA has been detectedExpand
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First report of Carrot torradovirus 1 (CaTV1), a member of the Torradovirus genus, infecting carrots in France
First Report of [i]Carrot torradovirus 1[/i] (CaTV1), a Member of the [i]Torradovirus[/i] Genus, Infecting Carrots in France
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Phytovirome Analysis of Wild Plant Populations: Comparison of Double-Stranded RNA and Virion-Associated Nucleic Acid Metagenomic Approaches
There are today significant knowledge gaps on phytovirus populations and on the drivers impacting them but also on the comparative performance-methodological approaches for their study. We used andExpand
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Genome characterization of a divergent isolate of the mycovirus Botrytis virus F from a grapevine metagenome
As part of a grapevine metagenome study, total RNA extracted from grapevine phloem scrapings was analyzed by Illumina sequencing. For one 420A rootstock sample, reads mapping against a referenceExpand
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Complete genomic sequence of Raphanus sativus cryptic virus 4 (RsCV4), a novel alphapartitivirus from radish
The present work reports the discovery and complete genome sequencing of a virus from symptomless radish seedlings, classifiable as a novel member of the genus Alphapartitivirus, familyExpand
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