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M theory as a matrix model: A Conjecture
We suggest and motivate a precise equivalence between uncompactified 11-dimensional M theory and the N={infinity} limit of the supersymmetric matrix quantum mechanics describing D0 branes. The
The world as a hologram
According to ’t Hooft the combination of quantum mechanics and gravity requires the three‐dimensional world to be an image of data that can be stored on a two‐dimensional projection much like a
Complexity, action, and black holes
In an earlier paper "Complexity Equals Action" we conjectured that the quantum computational complexity of a holographic state is given by the classical action of a region in the bulk (the
Invasion of the giant gravitons from Anti-de Sitter space
It has been known for some time that the AdS/CFT correspondence predicts a limit on the number of single particle states propagating on the compact spherical component of the AdS × S geometry. The
Hamiltonian Formulation of Wilson's Lattice Gauge Theories
Wilson's lattice gauge model is presented as a canonical Hamiltonian theory. The structure of the model is reduced to the interactions of an infinite collection of coupled rigid rotators. The
Cool horizons for entangled black holes
General relativity contains solutions in which two distant black holes are connected through the interior via a wormhole, or Einstein-Rosen bridge. These solutions can be interpreted as maximally
The Holographic bound in anti-de Sitter space
The correspondence between string theory in Anti-de Sitter space and super Yang Mills theory is an example of the Holographic principle according to which a quantum theory with gravity must be
Holographic Complexity Equals Bulk Action?
The hypothesis that black holes are the fastest computers in nature is discussed and the conjecture that the quantum complexity of a holographic state is dual to the action of a certain spacetime region that is called a Wheeler-DeWitt patch is illustrated.
Fast Scramblers
We consider the problem of how fast a quantum system can scramble (thermalize) information, given that the interactions are between bounded clusters of degrees of freedom; pairwise interactions would
Another Conjecture about M(atrix) Theory
The current understanding of M(atrix) theory is that in the large N limit certain supersymmetric Yang Mills theories become equivalent to M-theory in the infinite momentum frame. In this paper the