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Indonesia's Population: Ethnicity and Religion in a Changing Political Landscape
Presenting an analysis of basic information contained in the official Indonesian census conducted in the year 2000, this book focuses on Indonesian ethnicity and religion and their relevance to theExpand
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Elections and politics in Indonesia
An analysis of the 1999 Indonesian general election and subsequent presidential election in the context of Indonesian elections and politics. The book highlights major characteristics of IndonesianExpand
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Bumiputra and Pribumi: Economic Nationalism (Indiginism) in Malaysia and Indonesia
A DIVISION OF Malaysian and Indonesian societies into indigenous and non-indigenous categories is expressed by the terms bumiputra/non-bumiputra and pribumi/non-pribumi, respectively. While it mustExpand
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The Decline of the Hegemonic Party System in Indonesia: Golkar after the Fall of Soeharto
The fall of Soeharto in 1998 marked the end of the hegemonic party system in Indonesia. While Golkar ceased to be a hegemonic party, it not only survived but emerged as the second largest party inExpand
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Chinese and nation-building in Southeast Asia
This book comprises eight papers which deal with various aspects of ethnic Chinese and nation-building in Southeast Asia: ethnic Chinese and the concept of nation in the region, Chinese politicalExpand
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Ethnic Chinese as Southeast Asians
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Pribumi Indonesians, the Chinese minority, and China
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Pribumi Indonesians, the Chinese minority and China : a study of perceptions and policies
This study attempts to analyse pribumi (indigenous Indonesian) perception of the Chinese minority and ask how these perceptions, modified by economic and political constraints, manifest themselves inExpand
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