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Salt concentration, pH and pressure controlled separation of small molecules through lamellar graphene oxide membranes.
For the first time, pressure, salt concentration and pH demonstrated advantages for tuning the nanochannels within lamellar graphene oxide (LGO) membranes to control the separation of smallExpand
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Rhombus-shaped Co3O4 nanorod arrays for high-performance gas sensor
Rhombic Co3O4 nanorod (NR) array-based gas sensor was successfully fabricated via a facile two-step synthesis approach, including the formation of rhombic Co(OH)F NR arrays as precursor followed byExpand
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In-plane mesoporous graphene oxide nanosheet assembled membranes for molecular separation
In-plane mesoporous graphene oxide (GO) sheets were prepared by a re-oxidation process and subsequently assembled into lamellar membranes. The in-plane pores significantly shortened the massExpand
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Binder-free three-dimensional porous Mn3O4 nanorods/reduced graphene oxide paper-like electrodes for electrochemical energy storage
This research demonstrates novel flexible and binder-free Mn3O4 nanorods (NRs)/reduced graphene oxide (rGO) hybrid papers with unique three-dimensional nanoporous networks were fabricated byExpand
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Size-Dependent Surface Effects on the Photoluminescence in ZnO Nanorods
One-dimensional semiconductor nanostructures are expected to show significant surface effects, which results in remarkable modification of the optical properties. In this work, an experimental studyExpand
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Controllable growth and optical properties of ZnO nanostructures on Si nanowire arrays
In this paper, two types of hybrid semiconductors made up of silicon nanowires and ZnO nanostructures, namely Si/ZnO core–shell nanowire arrays and ZnO quantum dots (QDs)-decorated Si nanowireExpand
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Temperature-dependent photoluminescence properties of porous silicon nanowire arrays
Luminescent porous siliconnanowire arrays are prepared through metal-assisted chemical etching.Photoluminescence(PL) and cathodoluminescence(CL) reveal that both the nanowire arrays and individualExpand
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Self-catalysis induced three-dimensional SiOx nanostructures
Three-dimensional SiOx nanostructures with various shapes have been prepared by chemical vapor deposition. The sunflower-like SiOx nanostructures provide a chance to probe the growth process. AExpand
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General incorporation of diverse components inside metal-organic framework thin films at room temperature.
Porous metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) demonstrate great potential for numerous applications. Although hetero-functional components have been encapsulated within MOF crystalline particles, theExpand
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Room temperature synthesis of free-standing HKUST-1 membranes from copper hydroxide nanostrands for gas separation.
Large scale, robust, well intergrown free-standing HKUST-1 membranes were converted from copper hydroxide nanostrand free-standing films in 1,3,5-benzenetricarboxylic acid water-ethanol solution atExpand
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