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Rape Perceptions as a Function of Gender-Role Traditionality and Victim-Perpetrator Association
Perceptions of stranger, acquaintance, date, andmarital rape scenarios and their relation to observers'gender-role traditionality were examined. PrimarilyCaucasian (81%)male and female undergraduatesExpand
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A Concomitant Examination of the Relations of Perceived Racist and Sexist Events to Psychological Distress for African American Women
Conceptualizations of the role of racism and sexism in African American women's lives suggest that racism and sexism may have unique and interactive links to psychological distress. Path analysis wasExpand
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Perceived Sexist Events and Feminist Identity Development Attitudes
Data from 104 undergraduate and 83 faculty/staff women indicated that perceived sexist events, measured by the Schedule of Sexist Events Scale (SSE), along with Passive Acceptance (PA), RevelationExpand
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Examining a Multidimensional Model of Eating Disorder Symptomatology among College Women.
Despite many theorists’ assertions and researchers’ findings that eating disturbances have personal, sociocultural, and relational correlates, no model of eating disorder symptomatology incorporatingExpand
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The gendered nature of career related learning experiences: A social cognitive career theory perspective
Abstract The learning experiences questionnaire (LEQ; Schaub & Tokar, 2005 ) was used to examine learning experiences as they relate to SCCT ( Lent, Brown, & Hackett, 1994 ) across the Holland (1997)Expand
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Feminist Identity Development Measures
Reliability and validity of three current instruments (Feminist Identity Scale [FIS], Feminist Identity Development Scale [FIDS]J Feminist Identity Composite [FIC]) used to operationalize Downing andExpand
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Exploring Young Women's Perceptions of the Effectiveness and Safety of Maladaptive Weight Control Techniques
Despite the emerging awareness among professionals that eating disorders occur along a continuum of degree for women and that maladaptive perceptions regarding weight control techniques may beExpand
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Personality and Vocational Behavior: A Selective Review of the Literature, 1993-1997.
Abstract We provide a selective review of the literature on personality and vocational behavior from 1993 to 1997. We framed the personality aspects of the research in terms of the Five-Factor ModelExpand
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Relative contributions of congruence and personality dimensions to job satisfaction.
Abstract Research generally supports Holland's postulated relation between congruence and job satisfaction, but the magnitude of the relation seldom surpasses .30. Sample size and breadth andExpand
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Revisiting Feminist Identity Development Theory, Research, and Practice
The model of feminist identity development proposed by Downing and Roush in 1985 is revisited as a potentially useful framework in counseling psychology theory, research, and practice. An examinationExpand
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