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Corporate Reporting of Intellectual Capital: Evidence from UK Companies
This paper reports the results of an empirical investigation into the intellectual capital reporting practices of UK companies in four distinct sectors. It differs from prior intellectual capitalExpand
From rapid prototyping to home fabrication: How 3D printing is changing business model innovation
3D printing technologies have the potential to change the way business model innovation is carried out, by enabling adaptive business models and by bringing the ‘rapid prototyping’ paradigm to business model Innovation itself. Expand
Co-creation and user innovation
The aim of this article is to investigate the changes brought about by online 3D printing platforms in co-creation and user innovation. As doing so requires a thorough understanding of the level ofExpand
'Few to Many': Change of Business Model Paradigm in the Video Game Industry
It is found that, despite an increasingly tighter integration of the market, significant differences remain between the two paradigms in most components. Expand
The Impact of 3D Printing Technologies on Business Model Innovation
There is a growing consensus that 3D printing technologies will be the next major technological revolution. While a lot of work has already been carried out as to what these technologies will bringExpand
Open Innovation 2.0: Is Co-Creation the Ultimate Challenge?
An input-output typology of co-creation is created and this typology is used to discuss the main challenges ofCo-creation: incentives, risks and costs, IPRs. Expand
A Taxonomy of Online 3D Printing Platforms
In this chapter, Rayna and Striukova provide an overview of the current online 3D printing platforms, and they investigate the topics of user-participation, co-creation, and crowdsourcing in relation to these online platforms, as well as their pricing and revenue models. Expand
The Role of Social Capital in Virtual Teams and Organisations: Corporate Value Creation
The paper systematises the previous research on trust in virtual teams, by examining how trust and other elements of social capital can be created in virtual teams and where the value created byExpand
360° Business Model Innovation: Toward an Integrated View of Business Model Innovation
OVERVIEW: Business model innovation has arguably become a critical way to innovate, but its success factors are poorly understood. A lack of tools allowing the examination of business models in theirExpand