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Coordination in software development
Since its inception, the software industry has been in crisis. Expand
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Information Retrieval using a Singular Value Decomposition Model of Latent Semantic Structure
In a new method for automatic indexing and retrieval, implicit higher-order structure in the association of terms with documents is modeled to improve estimates of term-document association, and therefore the detection of relevant documents on the basis of terms found in queries. Expand
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Acoustic determinants of phrase boundary perception.
  • L. Streeter
  • Mathematics, Medicine
  • The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
  • 1 December 1978
How three supersegmental variables (amplitude, pitch contour, and duration pattern) influence phrase boundary perception was investigated in two studies. Listeners located the phrase boundary inExpand
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Structural differences between common and rare words: Failure of equivalence assumptions for theories of word recognition
Theoretical discussions of word frequency effects often assume words of different usage frequencies to be equivalent in other respects relevant to perception. Such assumptions were found to beExpand
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How to Tell People Where to Go: Comparing Navigational Aids
We compare the effectiveness of navigational aids using customized route maps, vocal directions, or both. Expand
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Effects of Pitch and Speech Rate on Personal Attributions
In three experiments, subjects listened to recordings of male speakers answering two interview questions and rated the speakers on a variety of scales. The recordings had been altered so that theExpand
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Role of duration in disambiguating syntactically ambiguous sentences
The present study investigated whether the prosodic cue (duration) serves to disambiguate syntactically ambiguous sentences. An example of one of the ten sentences used is, “The hostess greeted theExpand
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Pitch changes during attempted deception.
Two studies on speech samples from 32 male college students are reported. In the first, it was shown that the average voice fundamental frequency of the subjects was higher when lying than whenExpand
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Perception of Stop Consonants with Conflicting Transitional Cues: A Cross-Linguistic Study
In vowel-consonant-vowel (VCV) utterances, the place of articulation of the consonant is cued by formant transitions both out of the first vowel and into the second vowel. When the two transitionsExpand
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Acoustic and perceptual indicators of emotional stress.
Tape recordings of telephone conversations of Consolidated Edison's system operator (SO) and his immediate superior (CSO), beginning an hour before the 1977 New York blackout, were analyzed forExpand
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