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Hemoglobin Levels in Persons of Tibetan Ancestry Living at High Altitude
  • W. Adams, L. Strang
  • Medicine
    Proceedings of the Society for Experimental…
  • 1 August 1975
Summary The mean hemoglobin level of persons of Tibetan ancestry living at 4000 m in the Nepal Himalayas was found similar to that expected at an altitude of 2300 m and an arterial O2 saturation of
Originalism's Promise
How Big Data Can Increase Originalism’s Methodological Rigor: Using Corpus Linguistics to Reveal Original Language Conventions
Big Data is everywhere. The Big Data revolution is not only the collection of information; it is also the use of that data to disclose new, previously unknown information about us and our
The Clash of Rival and Incompatible Philosophical Traditions within Constitutional Interpretation: Originalism Grounded in the Central Western Philosophical Tradition
In this Article, I tie original meaning adjudication to the Aristotelian philosophical tradition. I offer three arguments why those who adhere to the Aristotelian tradition should also be
Originalism as Popular Constitutionalism?: Theoretical Possibilities and Practical Differences
The common perception is that originalism and popular constitutionalism are incompatible. Supporting this perception is the widely-shared opinion that most advocates for popular constitutionalism are
Originalism and the Aristotelian Tradition: Virtue’s Home in Originalism
A concept fundamental to philosophy – virtue – is, with a few notable exceptions, absent from scholarship on constitutional interpretation generally, and originalism in particular. Furthermore,
Originalism and the 'Challenge of Change': Abduced-Principle Originalism and Other Mechanisms by Which Originalism Sufficiently Accommodates Changed Social Conditions
One of the most persistent criticisms of originalism - and also one of the most powerful - is that originalism is not a viable interpretative methodology because of the tremendous change that has