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Abrupt deep-sea warming, palaeoceanographic changes and benthic extinctions at the end of the Palaeocene
A remarkable oxygen and carbon isotope excursion occurred in Antarctic waters near the end of the Palaeocene (~57.33 Myr ago), indicating rapid global warming and oceanographic changes that caused
Evolution of Early Cenozoic marine temperatures
The equator to high southern latitude sea surface and vertical temperature gradients are reconstructed from oxygen isotope values of planktonic and benthic foraminifers for the following five time
Super ENSO and Global Climate Oscillations at Millennial Time Scales
The late Pleistocene history of seawater temperature and salinity variability in the western tropical Pacific warm pool is reconstructed from oxygen isotope (δ18O) and magnesium/calcium composition
Magnitude and timing of temperature change in the Indo-Pacific warm pool during deglaciation
Observations suggest that the tropical Pacific region plays an important role in driving glacial—interglacial cycles, possibly through a system similar to how El Niño/Southern Oscillation regulates the poleward flux of heat and water vapour.
Decline of surface temperature and salinity in the western tropical Pacific Ocean in the Holocene epoch
The data imply either that the Pacific basin as a whole has become progressively less salty or that the present salinity gradient along the Equator has developed relatively recently.
Climate change patterns in Amazonia and biodiversity.
These absolute-dated speleothem oxygen isotope records that characterize hydroclimate variation in western and eastern Amazonia over the past 250 and 20 ka are presented, suggesting that higher biodiversity in western Amazonia, contrary to 'Refugia Hypothesis', is maintained under relatively stable climatic conditions.
An Abrupt Shift in the Indian Monsoon 4000 Years Ago
Climates, Landsca Geophysical Mon © 2012. American 10.1029/2012GM The emergence of high-resolution proxy records from the Asian monsoon region suggests that the monsoon system is bistable and can
Variability of Southwest Indian summer monsoon precipitation during the Bølling-Ållerød
We have generated a high-resolution (<20 yr) 2 3 0 Th-dated stalagmite oxygen isotope record from Timta Cave in the western Himalaya in India that documents Southwest Indian summer monsoon (ISM)
Proteus and Proto-Oceanus: Ancestral Paleogene Oceans as Revealed from Antarctic Stable Isotopic Results; ODP Leg 113
Benthic oxygen and carbon isotopic results from a depth transect on Maud Rise, Antarctica, provide the first evi­ dence for Warm Saline Deep Water (WSDW) in the Paleogene oceans. Distinct reversals
Radiocarbon age anomaly at intermediate water depth in the Pacific Ocean during the last deglaciation
[1] Benthic and planktonic 14C ages are presented for the last glacial termination from marine sediment core VM21-30 from 617 m in the eastern equatorial Pacific. The benthic-planktonic 14C age