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The checkerboard score and species distributions
SummaryThere has been an ongoing controversy over how to decide whether the distribution of species is “random” — i.e., whether it is not greatly different from what it would be if species did notExpand
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Complex dynamics and phase synchronization in spatially extended ecological systems
We study the synchronization of complex population oscillations in networks of model communities and in natural systems, where phenomena such as unusual ‘4- and 10-year cycle’ of wildlife are often found. Expand
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El Ni�o Chaos: Overlapping of Resonances Between the Seasonal Cycle and the Pacific Ocean-Atmosphere Oscillator
The El Ni�o—Southern Oscillation (ENSO) cycle is modeled as a low-order chaotic process driven by the seasonal cycle. A simple model suggests that the equatorial Pacific ocean-atmosphere oscillatorExpand
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Pulse vaccination strategy in the SIR epidemic model
Theoretical results show that the measles ‘pulse’ vaccination strategy can be distinguished from the conventional strategies in leading to disease eradication at relatively low values of vaccination.Expand
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Period-doubling reversals and chaos in simple ecological models
  • L. Stone
  • Mathematics
  • Nature
  • 14 October 1993
The period-doubling route to chaos is a well known feature of a range of simple, nonlinear difference equations routinely used in modelling biological populations. It is not generally understood,Expand
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Male infertility, female fertility and extrapair copulations
  • Oren Hasson, L. Stone
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Biological reviews of the Cambridge Philosophical…
  • 1 May 2009
Females that are socially bonded to a single male, either in a social monogamy or in a social polygyny, are often sexually polyandrous. Extrapair copulations (EPC) have often been suggested orExpand
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Seasonal dynamics of recurrent epidemics
Seasonality is a driving force that has a major effect on the spatio-temporal dynamics of natural systems and their populations. This is especially true for the transmission of common infectiousExpand
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Theoretical examination of the pulse vaccination policy in the SIR epidemic model
Based on a theory of population dynamics in perturbed environments, it was hypothesized that measles epidemics can be more efficiently controlled by pulse vaccination, i.e., by a vaccination effortExpand
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Lake Kinneret: A seasonal mode1 for carbon flux through the planktonic biota
Carbon standing stock distribution in the cuphotic zone of Lake Kinneret and the immediate fate of primary-produced carbon arc very different during late winter-early spring (with the occurrence ofExpand
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Effects of immigration on the dynamics of simple population models.
  • L. Stone, D. Hart
  • Economics, Medicine
  • Theoretical population biology
  • 1 June 1999
Many simple population models exhibit the period doubling route to chaos as a single parameter, commonly the growth rate, is increased. Here we examine the effect of an immigration process on suchExpand
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