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Vascular malformations in the uterus: ultrasonographic diagnosis and conservative management.
Uterine vascular malformations are more common than previously thought and conservative management is a valuable option in many of the acquired pregnancy-related cases that are diagnosed with color Doppler imaging. Expand
Ovarian vein embolization for the treatment of pelvic congestion syndrome: long-term technical and clinical results.
Transcatheter embolization of the ovarian veins is a safe and feasible technique leading to complete relief of symptoms in more than half of cases and variable symptomatic relief in 9.7% of cases. Expand
Express LD Vascular Stent in the Treatment of Iliac Artery Lesions: 24-Month Results from the Melodie Trial
The Express LD Vascular stent is safe, effective, and non-inferior to the Palmaz stent for treatment of iliac artery stenosis. Expand
Does Carotid Stent Cell Design Matter?
Current data do not support the superiority of a specific carotid stent cell design with respect to neurologic complications, stroke, and mortality risk. Expand
Results of a European multicentre iliac stent trial with a flexible balloon expandable stent.
The results presented here support the suggestion stenting to be an effective device in the treatment of iliac artery obstructive disease and confirms other study results concerning haemodynamic patency after iliAC stenting on the indication of a 10 mmHg pressure gradient after pta. Expand
Safety and efficacy of aneurysm treatment with WEB in the cumulative population of three prospective, multicenter series
This series is at the moment the largest prospective, multicenter, GCP series of patients with aneurysms treated with WEB and shows the high safety and good mid-term efficacy of this treatment. Expand
The 6-F nitinol TrapEase inferior vena cava filter: results of a prospective multicenter trial.
This study demonstrates the new nitinol permanent IVC filter to be a safe and an effective device, with a low overall complication rate, for use in patients with thromboembolic disease at high risk of PE. Expand
Safety and Efficacy of Aneurysm Treatment with the WEB: Results of the WEBCAST 2 Study
WEBCAST 2 confirms the high safety and efficacy of WEB aneurysm treatment demonstrated in the WEBCAST and French Observatory studies. Expand
Belgian experience with FilterWire EX in the prevention of embolic events during carotid stenting.
The FilterWire EX appears to be an effective tool in the prevention of embolic events and in preserving neurological status during endovascular treatment of carotid artery stenosis. Expand
Meta‐analysis of individual‐patient data from EVAR‐1, DREAM, OVER and ACE trials comparing outcomes of endovascular or open repair for abdominal aortic aneurysm over 5 years
The erosion of the early mortality advantage of elective endovascular aneurysm repair (EVAR) compared with open repair of abdominal aortic aneurysm remains without a satisfactory explanation.