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Rapid circulation of warm subtropical waters in a major glacial fjord in East Greenland
The recent rapid increase in mass loss from the Greenland ice sheet is primarily attributed to an acceleration of outlet glaciers. Oceanographic data obtained in summer 2008 show that subtropicalExpand
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Impact of fjord dynamics and glacial runoff on the circulation near Helheim Glacier
Greenland to show that the melting circulation is affected by seasonal runoff from the glacier and by the fjord’s externally forced currents and stratification. The presence of light Arctic and denseExpand
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Increased flow speed on a large East Antarctic outlet glacier caused by subglacial floods
Large ice streams and outlet glaciers drain Greenland and Antarctica. An observed acceleration of ice velocity in one of these outlet glaciers, Byrd Glacier, East Antarctica coincides with a largeExpand
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Multispectral imaging contributions to global land ice measurements from space
Global Land Ice Measurements from Space (GLIMS) is an international consortium established to acquire satellite images of the world's glaciers, analyse them for glacier extent and changes, and assessExpand
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Sustained mass loss of the northeast Greenland ice sheet triggered by regional warming
The Greenland ice sheet is a large contributor to sea-level rise primarily because of the increased speed of its glaciers in the southeast and northwest. This study looks at a previously stable iceExpand
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Distributed subglacial discharge drives significant submarine melt at a Greenland tidewater glacier
This is the publisher’s final pdf. The article is copyrighted by American Geophysical Union and published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. It can be found at:Expand
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Modeling Turbulent Subglacial Meltwater Plumes: Implications for Fjord-Scale Buoyancy-Driven Circulation
AbstractFjord-scale circulation forced by rising turbulent plumes of subglacial meltwater has been identified as one possible mechanism of oceanic heat transfer to marine-terminating outlet glaciers.Expand
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Controls on the recent speed-up of Jakobshavn Isbrae, West Greenland
This is the publisher's version, also available electronically from "http://www.ingentaconnect.com/".
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Quantifying flow regimes in a Greenland glacial fjord using iceberg drifters
Funded by The National Science Foundation. Grant Numbers: OCE-1130008, ARC-0909274 and The University of Oregon.
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Role of snow and glacier melt in controlling river hydrology in Liddar watershed (western Himalaya) under current and future climate
[1] Snowmelt and icemelt are believed to be important regulators of seasonal discharge of Himalayan rivers. To analyze the long term contribution of snowmelt and glacier/icemelt to river hydrology weExpand
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