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The vapour pressure of tetrafluoromethane
Abstract The vapour pressure of tetrafluoromethane has been measured at its triple-point temperature (89.56 K), and at six higher temperatures up to 173 K. These temperatures were those of theExpand
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Inhibition of Homogeneous Reactions by Small Quantities of Nitric Oxide
THERE is convincing evidence that some chemical changes take place by a mechanism involving reaction chains of considerable length, and equally convincing evidence that in other reactions no suchExpand
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Plastic crystals
The Plastically Crystalline State: Orientationally-Disordered Crystals.Edited by John N. Sherwood. Pp. 383. (Wiley: Chichester, UK, and New York, 1979.) £19.50.
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Thermodynamics of the formation of the 1:1 complexes of nitrilotriacetic acid and rare earth ions
Abstract The heats of formation at 20°C of the 1:1 complexes of the rare earths with NTA (nitrilotriacetic acid) have been measured with high relative precision. The method used consists inExpand
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A corresponding-states examination of the equations of state of liquid argon, krypton, and xenon
Abstract Recent experimental PVT results for liquid argon, krypton and xenon have been used to examine how closely these three liquids conform to a single reduced equation of state. Reduced molarExpand
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Excess Volumes in Binary Liquid Mixtures of Simple Molecules
RECENT statistical theories of liquid mixtures have made it possible to calculate the excess thermodynamic functions of binary mixtures from the parameters characterizing the intermolecularExpand
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Thermodynamics of Liquid Mixtures of Argon and Krypton
ON account of their extreme molecular simplicity, binary liquid rare gas mixtures are of particular importance for testing theories which seek to calculate the thermodynamic properties of solutions.Expand
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