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Disorder in crystals
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Phase Transitions in Plastic Crystals
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Thermodynamic investigation of disorder in the hydrates of disodium hydrogen phosphate
Measurements have been made of the molar heat capacity of the dihydrate, heptahydrate and dodecahydrate of disodium hydrogen phosphate from ∼10 to ∼300°K, of the integral heat of solution in water atExpand
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The heat capacity and entropy of calcite and aragonite, and their interpretation
Abstract Heat capacity measurements have been made on calcite from 10 to 303 K and on aragonite from 22 to 291 K. Assuming the two polymorphs to be perfectly ordered at 0 K, the molar entropy ofExpand
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Second virial coefficients of argon, krypton and methane and their binary mixtures at low temperatures
A differential method is described for measuring the second virial coefficient of a gas from approximately the normal boiling-point of the substance to room temperature, given the value of the virialExpand
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Experimental Study of the Equation of State of Liquid Krypton
The gas expansion method has been used to measure the density of liquid krypton at 11 temperatures from 120 to 220°K and at pressures up to 3680 atm. The results have been fitted to the StrobridgeExpand
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The enthalpy of solution of ammonia in water and in aqueous solutions of ammonium chloride and ammonium bromide
Abstract Measurements have been made of the enthalpy of solution of ammonia at 298.15 K in water, and in the following aqueous solutions: 1.00, 1.50, 2.00, and 4.00 mol dm −3 NH 4 Cl; 0.333 mol dm −3Expand
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