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Starting dose is a risk factor for allopurinol hypersensitivity syndrome: a proposed safe starting dose of allopurinol.
It is indicated that starting allopurinol at a dose of 1.5 mg per unit of estimated GFR may be associated with a reduced risk of AHS, and the dose can be gradually increased to achieve the target serum urate level. Expand
Myeloperoxidase and oxidative stress in rheumatoid arthritis.
MPO is elevated in patients with RA and promotes oxidative stress through the production of hypochlorous acid and protein carbonyls in SF were associated with MPO protein concentration. Expand
The epidemiology of Wegener's granulomatosis and microscopic polyangiitis in a Southern Hemisphere region.
The prevalence of Wegener's granulomatosis and MPA in Canterbury is the highest reported to date and the observed north-south negative disease gradient in the Northern Hemisphere is reciprocated. Expand
A strong role for the ABCG2 gene in susceptibility to gout in New Zealand Pacific Island and Caucasian, but not Māori, case and control sample sets.
The results emphasize the need to account for sub-population differences when undertaking biomedical genetic research in a group defined by a geographical region and shared ancestry but characterized by migratory events that create bottlenecks and altered genetic structure in the founder populations. Expand
Association of variation in Fcγ receptor 3B gene copy number with rheumatoid arthritis in Caucasian samples
One possible mechanism to explain the association between reduced FCGR3B CN and RA is the reduced clearance of immune complex during inflammation. Expand
Twenty-eight loci that influence serum urate levels: analysis of association with gout
The first evidence for association with gout at four loci is provided (IGF1R, PDZK1, MAF, HLF), which will be important in understanding the aetiology of gout. Expand
Wegener’s granulomatosis in New Zealand: evidence for a latitude‐dependent incidence gradient
Background: The aim of the study was to determine whether there was evidence for a geographic gradient in the incidence of Wegener’s granulomatosis (WG) and WG‐like disease in New Zealand (NZ).
Sugar-sweetened beverage consumption: a risk factor for prevalent gout with SLC2A9 genotype-specific effects on serum urate and risk of gout
The interaction data suggest that SLC2A9-mediated renal uric acid excretion is physiologically influenced by intake of simple sugars derived from SSB, with SSB exposure negating the gout risk discrimination of SLC1A9. Expand
Hyperuricaemia and gout: time for a new staging system?
A proposed new staging system for gout provides a clear focus on gout as a chronic disease of MSU crystal deposition, and provides a rational framework to test the role of screening and treatment of asymptomatic disease. Expand
Allopurinol Dosing in Renal Impairment: Walking the Tightrope Between Adequate Urate Lowering and Adverse Events
In patients with severe disease and persistent hyperuricemia, allopurinol dose escalation above those recommended by the guidelines should be considered, with careful evaluation of the benefits and risks of therapy. Expand