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The ovarian insulin and insulin-like growth factor system with an emphasis on domestic animals.
Insulin and insulin-like growth factors (IGFs) have direct effects on cultured ovarian cells. These effects include stimulation of granulosa cell mitogenesis, granulosa and luteal cell progesteroneExpand
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Influence of body condition at calving and postpartum nutrition on endocrine function and reproductive performance of primiparous beef cows.
The influences of body condition score (BCS) at calving and postpartum nutrition on endocrine and ovarian functions, and reproductive performance, were determined by randomly allocating thin (meanExpand
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Leptin: a possible metabolic signal affecting reproduction.
  • L. Spicer
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  • Domestic animal endocrinology
  • 1 November 2001
Since its discovery in 1994, leptin, a protein hormone synthesized and secreted by adipose tissue, has been shown to regulate feed intake in several species including sheep and pigs. Although aExpand
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Ovarian and endocrine characteristics during an estrous cycle in Angus, Brahman, and Senepol cows in a subtropical environment.
To determine breed differences in ovarian function and endocrine secretion, daily rectal ultrasonography was conducted on multiparous lactating Angus (temperate Bos taurus; n = 12), Brahman (tropicalExpand
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Effects of Fusarium mycotoxins on steroid production by porcine granulosa cells.
Fusarium mycotoxins, such as trichothecenes and zearalenone, are common grain and foodstuffs contaminants. Some of these like deoxynivalenol (DON) can negatively impact pregnancy success in swine,Expand
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Insulin-like growth factor-I in dairy cows: relationships among energy balance, body condition, ovarian activity, and estrous behavior.
The objective was to determine relationships among concentrations of insulin-like growth factor-I in serum, energy balance, body condition, and ovarian activity during early lactation. From 0 to 12Expand
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Effects of insulin, insulin-like growth factor I, and gonadotropins on bovine granulosa cell proliferation, progesterone production, estradiol production, and(or) insulin-like growth factor I
The objectives of the present studies were to determine the effect of insulin, insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I), testosterone, and FSH on proliferation, progesterone production, and(or) estradiolExpand
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The adipose obese gene product, leptin: evidence of a direct inhibitory role in ovarian function.
Leptin, a recently-discovered hormonal product of the obese gene, circulates in the blood at levels paralleling those of fat reserves and regulates satiety and improves reproductive performance ifExpand
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Effects of growth rate on carcass composition and lipid partitioning at puberty and growth hormone, insulin-like growth factor I, insulin, and metabolites before puberty in beef heifers.
The effect of three rates of gain on carcass composition, lipid partitioning, age and BW at puberty, and concentrations of growth hormone (GH), IGF-I, insulin, glucose, and NEFA in plasma wereExpand
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Effects of feeding propionibacteria to dairy cows on milk yield, milk components, and reproduction.
Two weeks before parturition, 38 Holstein primiparous and multiparous cows were assigned to 1 of 3 treatment groups: control animals (n = 13) received regular total mixed rations (TMR), the low-doseExpand
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