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Comparative trial of intravenous lorazepam and clonazepam im status epilepticus.
Both drugs were most effective in patients with secondary generalized epilepsy, and improvement in EEG was greater with lorazepam while the clinical symptoms responded more completely to clonazepams. Expand
[Findings in 21 cases of Gibbs' hypsarrhythmia; spectacular effectiveness of ACTH].
The Descendants of Epileptic Patients
The author criticizes the commonly made error of extrapolating findings obtained in a small number of patients to all such patients, which for years have indiscriminately reflected on the reputation of all epileptic patients, whereas only 5 % of them were affected by it. Expand
Review of the Social and Medical Services for the Epileptic Patient in Belgium
  • L. Sorel
  • Political Science, Medicine
  • Epilepsia
  • 1 December 1963
During the past 10 years much progress has been made in Belgium with regard to help for epileptics with social problems.
Experimental Epilepsy and Blood–Brain Barrier
During the systematic study of the epileptic effect of several local anaesthetics and cardio‐vascular analeptics, the authors have found four substances having major epileptogenic effect when injected intravenously but no such effect when applied directly to the cerebral cortex. Expand
Research on Epileptic Drugs
  • L. Sorel
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Epilepsia
  • 1 September 1961
The diversity in the action of anti‐epileptic drugs is certain in clinical use and the activity of only one sensibilisating epileptogenous factor is very different according to the form of epilepsy in question. Expand
[Benign grand mal epilepsy in the adult].
In two separate papers submitted to a symposium in Barcelona in December 1987 on primary, generalized grand mal epilepsy becoming manifest in adulthood, the findings were so identical that theExpand