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Isolation and biological properties of polysaccharide CPS-1 from cultured Cordyceps militaris.
A polysaccharide from the water extract of cultured Cordyceps militaris was isolated through ethanol precipitation, deproteination and gel-filtration chromatography. Their molecular weight wasExpand
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Biosynthesis of Coumarin Glycosides by Transgenic Hairy Roots of Polygonum multiflorum
To investigate the substrate specificity and regio-selectivity of coumarin glycosyltransferases in transgenic hairy roots of Polygonum multiflorum, esculetin (1) and eight hydroxycoumarins (2–9) wereExpand
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Silver-catalyzed radical aminofluorination of unactivated alkenes in aqueous media.
We report herein a mild and catalytic intramolecular aminofluorination of unactivated alkenes. Thus, with the catalysis of AgNO3, the reactions of various N-arylpent-4-enamides with SelectfluorExpand
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Asymmetric total syntheses of (-)-penicipyrone and (-)-tenuipyrone via biomimetic cascade intermolecular Michael addition/cycloketalization.
The first total syntheses of (-)-penicipyrone and (-)-tenuipyrone were accomplished enantioselectively in 12 steps with an 11% yield and 6 steps with a 28% yield from the knownExpand
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Scalable asymmetric total syntheses of (+)-Psoracorylifol B and (+)-ent-Psoracorylifol C.
The first, asymmetric total syntheses of potent antimicrobial Psoracorylifol B (>1.3 g obtained, dr 10.5:1) with a 9.4% overall yield on a gram scale in 14 steps and ent-Psoracorylifol C with a 4.3%Expand
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Cephalosporolide B serving as a versatile synthetic precursor: asymmetric biomimetic total syntheses of cephalosporolides C, E, F, G, and (4-OMe-)G.
Cephalosporolide B (Ces-B) was efficiently synthesized and exploited for the first time as a versatile biomimetic synthetic precursor for the chemical syntheses of not only cephalosporolides C, G,Expand
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Biomimetic asymmetric total syntheses of spirooliganones A and B.
Biomimetic total syntheses of potent antiviral spirooliganones A and B were achieved with 3% and 2% yield, respectively, in 12 steps from commercially available materials. The synthetic strategy wasExpand
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Diastereoselective reductive ring expansion of spiroketal dihydropyranones to cis-fused bicyclic ethers.
A novel double cascade synthetic strategy was developed for the diastereoselective syntheses of cis-fused bicyclic ethers, featuring cascade Achmatowicz rearrangement/spiroketalization and cascadeExpand
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Total synthesis of aculeatin A via double intramolecular oxa-Michael addition of secondary/tertiary alcohols.
A new synthetic strategy was developed for a concise total synthesis of aculeatin A as a single spiroisomer in both racemic and enantioselective fashions in 8-10 steps with ∼10% overall yield fromExpand
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Structural revision of cephalosporolide J and bassianolone.
The NMR spectra for three "natural" products: cephalosporolide C (Ces-C), cephalosporolide J (Ces-J), and bassianolone were found to be identical, and we proposed that Ces-C was the correct structureExpand
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