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Model-Driven Design-Space Exploration for Software-Intensive Embedded Systems
This chapter presents the Octopus tool set for model-driven design-space exploration, which supports designers in modelling and analysing design alternatives for embedded software and hardware and follows the Y-chart paradigm. Expand
Schedule Synthesis for Halide Pipelines through Reuse Analysis
This work proposes a novel optimization strategy that aims to maximize producer-consumer locality by exploiting reuse in image-processing pipelines and implements this analysis as a tool that can be used alongside the Halide DSL to automatically generate schedules for pipelines implemented in Halide and test it on a variety of benchmarks. Expand
Software Validation and Verication Plan
This document describes how the quality will be assured during the kroket project and establishes procedure and policy for maintaining quality and outlines quality requirements for other documents. Expand
Project Performance Indicator Workbench (PPIW)
A prototype has been developed of a generic tool set and accompanying methods that enable a customizable approach towards project tracking and benchmarking that is applicable to an iterative development life cycle. Expand
Verification of RoseRT models using Petri nets
A translation into classic Petri nets is proposed to support correctness verification of software models created with this tool, thereby providing a comprehensive overview of a possible error trace to the software developers, whilst the Petri net internals remain hidden. Expand
Coordination Control of Complex Machines
Control and coordination are important aspects of the development of complex machines due to an ever-increasing demand for better functionality, quality, and performance. In WP6 of the C4C project,Expand