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Strain A mouse pulmonary tumor test results for chemicals previously tested in the National Cancer Institute carcinogenicity tests.
Sixty-five chemicals were coded and examined for their ability to induce lung tumors in strain A/St (laboratory A) or strain A/J (laboratory B) mice. Thirty-five chemicals were tested in laboratory AExpand
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Carcinogenesis of nitrated toluenes and benzenes, skin and lung tumor assays in mice. Final report
A series of nitrated toluenes and benzene were tested for their capability to act as initiators, promoters or complete carcinogens in mouse skin. 2,6- dinitrotoluenes and 2-nitrotoluene were found toExpand
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Lands of pleasure : essays on Lillian H. Smith and the development of children's libraries
In this book the editors have sought to celebrate the enormous accomplishments of Lillian H. Smith and to consider the way in which her vision of library work with children has evolved. Miss Smith'sExpand
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Lung Tumor Assay
Several screening assays are available that allow testing of suspected carcinogens within a reasonably short time, are reproducible from laboratory to laboratory and allow estimates of relativeExpand
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Sex bias in the newspaper treatment of male-centered and female-centered news stories
Differences in the newspaper treatment of men and women were examined in two sets of news stories collected a year apart, in the fall of 1976 and 1977. In both samples, coverage of women was moreExpand
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Mouse lung-tumor assay: a final report
The objective was to validate a lung tumor assay. Agents evaluated included 5 complex mixtures from modern synfuel processes, 8 nitrated toluenes and 30 compounds which had been tested previously inExpand
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