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Community Structure, Population Control, and Competition
In summary, then, our general conclusions are: (1) Populations of producers, carnivores, and decomposers are limited by their respective resources in the classical density-dependent fashion. (2)Expand
Complexity: Life at the Edge of Chaos
"Put together one of the world's best science writers with one of the universe's most fascinating subjects and you are bound to produce a wonderful book. . . . The subject of complexity is vital andExpand
A Critique for Ecology
1. Crisis in ecology 2. Criteria 3. Tautology 4. Operationalism of terms and concepts 5. Explanatory science-reduction 6. Cause and mechanism 7. Historical explanation and understanding 8. WeakExpand
Philosophy of Biology
What Is Evolutionary Theory? Creationism Fitness The Units of Selection Problem Adaptationism Systematics Sociobiology and the Extension of Evolutionary Theory.
The evolution of phage lysis timing
SummaryThe effect of host quantity and host quality on the evolution of phage lysis timing is analysed using marginal value theorem of optimal foraging theory. Both factors have been shown toExpand
Growth and regulation of animal populations
New updated! The latest book from a very famous author finally comes out. Book of growth and regulation of animal populations, as an amazing reference becomes what you need to get. What's for is thisExpand
Quasiextinction Probabilities as a Measure of Impact on Population Growth
A probabilistic language based on stochastic models of population growth is proposed for a standard language to be used in environmental assessment. Environmental impact on a population is measuredExpand
Calories/gm. in Species of Animals
ANIMALS of seventeen species, representing six phyla, were burned in a miniature bomb calorimeter1. The data are presented as calories/ash-free gm. in Table 1 and as a histogram, Fig. 1.