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Annotated checklist of the birds of Brazil by the Brazilian Ornithological Records Committee / Lista comentada das aves do Brasil pelo Comitê Brasileiro de Registros Ornitológicos
Since 2005, the Brazilian Ornithological Records Committee (CBRO) has published updated checklists of Brazilian birds almost every year. Herein, we present a completely new and annotated version ofExpand
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Patterns and processes of diversification in a widespread and ecologically diverse avian group, the buteonine hawks (Aves, Accipitridae).
Buteonine hawks represent one of the most diverse groups in the Accipitridae, with 58 species distributed in a variety of habitats on almost all continents. Variations in migratory behavior,Expand
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Earth history and the passerine superradiation
Significance Our understanding of the factors that affected the diversification of passerines, the most diverse and widespread bird order (Passeriformes), is limited. Here, we reconstruct passerineExpand
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Birds in Atlantic Forest fragments in north-east Brazil
Durante o mes de outubro de 2001 os autores percorreram 15 fragmentos florestais no Estado de Alagoas, Brasil. O objetivo principal foi localizar novas populacoes e obter mais dados sobre os taxonsExpand
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Repeated divergent selection on pigmentation genes in a rapid finch radiation
Selection acted repeatedly on regions that may regulate the expression of genes underlying coloration differences in seedeaters. Instances of recent and rapid speciation are suitable for associatingExpand
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Estimating abundance of unmarked animal populations: accounting for imperfect detection and other sources of zero inflation
We examine how detection error and zero inflation in count data inform the choice of analytical method for estimating population size of unmarked individuals that are not uniquely identified. Expand
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Distinguishing noise from signal in patterns of genomic divergence in a highly polymorphic avian radiation
Recently diverged taxa provide the opportunity to search for the genetic basis of the phenotypes that distinguish them. Genomic scans aim to identify loci that are diverged with respect to anExpand
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Molecular phylogenetics and biogeography of Neotropical piping guans (Aves: Galliformes): Pipile Bonaparte, 1856 is synonym of Aburria Reichenbach, 1853.
The Cracidae are Neotropical galliform birds with 11 genera currently recognized. To investigate the questioned validity of Pipile Bonaparte, 1856 and the monotypic Aburria Reichenbach, 1853 asExpand
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Para que servem os inventários de fauna
Inventarios de fauna acessam diretamente a diversidade de uma localidade, em um determinado espaco e tempo. Os dados primarios gerados pelos inventarios compoem uma das ferramentas mais importantesExpand
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