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A Review on Daphnane-Type Diterpenoids and Their Bioactive Studies
Natural daphnane diterpenoids, mainly distributed in plants of the Thymelaeaceae and Euphorbiaceae families, usually include a 5/7/6-tricyclic ring system with poly-hydroxyl groups located at C-3,Expand
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Cryptoporic acid S, a new drimane-type sesquiterpene ether of isocitric acid from the fruiting bodies of Cryptoporus volvatus
Abstract A new drimane-type sesquiterpene with an isocitric acid moiety, cryptoporic acid S (1), together with six known compounds, cryptoporic acid D (2), β-sitosterol (3), β-daucosterol (4),Expand
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[Chemical constituents from green walnut husks and their antitumor activity in vitro].
Fourteen chemical constituents, including 5-hydroxy-4-methoxy-1-tetralone(1), 4,8-dihydroxy-1-tetralone(2), 4,5-dihydroxy-α-tetralone(3), blumenol B(4), dehydrovomifoliol(5),Expand
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Diarylpentanol constituents from the aerial part of Stelleropsis tianschanica
Abstract Five diarylpentanol derivatives including two new compounds stellerasme A (1), stellerasme B (2) were isolated from the aerial parts of Stelleropsis tianschanica. Their structures wereExpand
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[Chemical constituents from roots of Stelleropsis tianschanica].
The constituents from 95% ethanol extract of the roots of Stelleropsis tianschanica were purified by column chromatography techniques, leading to the isolation of 17 compounds. Their structures wereExpand
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Chemical Constituents of Limonium gmelinii Roots
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Two new diarylheptanoids from the green husks of Juglans regia L. and their cytotoxic activities
Abstract Two new diarylheptanoids, 3- hydroxy- 3′,4″- epoxy- 1- (4′- methoxyphenyl) - 7- (3″- hydroxylphenyl)– heptane (1) and 2,3- dihydroxy- 1- (4′- hydroxy- 3′- methoxyphenyl)- 7- (4″-Expand
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Two new compounds from the aerial parts of Stelleropsis tianschanica and their cytotoxic activity
Abstract Two new components, stelltian A (1) and stelltian B (2), along with two known compounds, neoboutomannin (3) and 6,9-O-dedimethyltrigonostemone (4), were isolated from the aerial parts ofExpand
Four New Sesquiterpenoids from the Roots of Diarthron Tianschanica with Their Antineoplastic Activity
Four new sesquiterpenoids, known as diarthronchas A–D (1–4), and one known daphnauranol B (5) were isolated from the methanol extract of the roots of Diarthron tianschanica. The compounds structuresExpand
Five New Meroterpenoids from the Fruiting Bodies of the Basidiomycete Clitocybe clavipes with Cytotoxic Activity
Five new meroterpenoids, clavipols A–B (1–2) with a 12-membered ether ring and clavilactones G–I (3–5) having a 10-membered carbocycle connected to a hydroquinone and an α,β-epoxy/unsaturatedExpand