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θ-PSO: a new strategy of particle swarm optimization
Particle swarm optimization (PSO) is an efficient, robust and simple optimization algorithm. Most studies are mainly concentrated on better understanding of the standard PSO control parameters, suchExpand
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Poling Properties of Guest-Host Polymer Films of X-Type Nonlinear Optical Chromophores
Two X-type chromophores which nonlinearity-transparency-thermal stability trade-off has been achieved were designed and synthesized. Poling properties of guest-host polymer films of the chromophoresExpand
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Walking Control Method of Humanoid Robot Based on FSR Sensors and Inverted Pendulum Model
A method is proposed to control humanoid robot to walk stably based on Force Sensing Resistor (FSR) sensors and Inverted Pendulum Model (IPM). Expand
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Second-order nonlinearities of poled film containing the multi-intramolecular charge-transfer chromophore
To achieving better nonlinearity-transparency-thermal stability trade-off a multi-intramolecular charge transfer chromophore with diamine end group was synthesized. The donor-embedded polyimide filmExpand
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Adaptive neural network variable structure control for a class of non-afine nonlinear pure-feedback systems
A class of nonlinear non-affine pure-feedback SISO systems with unknown nonlinear functions are investigated.An adaptive variable structure control is presented for this class of systems based on theExpand
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A thermally stable chromophore with multi-intramolecular charge-transfer and its poled polymer
A new second-order nonlinear optical (NLO) multi-intramolecular charge-transfer chromophore 2,3-bis (4-aminophenyl)-5,6-dicyanopyrazine (DAPDCP) has been designed and synthesized successfully ItExpand
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Research on Opening Geospatial database connectivity
We propose the Open Geospatial Database Connectivity (OGDC)' interfaces mechanism and specifications, which provide a completely new model for the standardized sharing and continual utilizing of the heterogeneous spatial database. Expand
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A New Adaptive Penalty Function Based on AEA Algorithm for Solving Constrained Optimization Problems and its Application in Process Optimization of Butene Alkylation
A new adaptive penalty function method based on the AEA algorithm was proposed to handle the constrained problems in this paper. Expand
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Synthesis and characterization of a three-ring bent-core compound
To investigate the vacuum-deposited films of the banana-shaped mesogens, we prepared a three-ring bent-core (that is, banana-shaped) compound m- bis(4- p- octoxysryrenyl)benzene (m-OSB) and used itExpand
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