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Role of proteolytic enzymes in human prostate bone metastasis formation: in vivo and in vitro studies
Prostate cancers ability to invade and grow in bone marrow stroma is thought to be due in part to degradative enzymes. The formation of prostate skeletal metastases have been reproduced in vitro byExpand
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Interactions of human prostatic epithelial cells with bone marrow endothelium: binding and invasion
Prostate cancer shows a propensity to form secondary tumours within the bone marrow. Such tumours are the major cause of mortality in this disease. We have developed an in vitro system to study theExpand
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Oxidation of alpha1-proteinase inhibitor by the myeloperoxidase-hydrogen peroxidase system promotes binding to immunoglobulin A.
We have demonstrated previously that patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) show an increase in serum and synovial fluid levels of complexes between alpha1-proteinase inhibitor (alpha1PI) and IgA.Expand
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Dating and Context of Rock Engravings in Southern Africa
Rock art is seldom recovered from sealed archeological contexts and is therefore difficult to date or integrate with other artifactual assemblages. South African engravings, found on low rocks atExpand
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Activity patterns in pike ( Esox lucius ) , as determined by motion-sensing telemetry
Activity patterns of pike fitted with motion-sensing radio tags were recorded using novel automated monitoring equipment. Activity was categorised into short duration (<5 s) and long duration (≥5 s)Expand
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Menstrual Cycle and the Decision to Seek Psychological Services
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Comparison between Liouville's theorem and observed latitudinal distributions of trapped ions in the plasmapause region
The presence of anisotropic plasma distributions, trapped at the Earth's magnetic equator, has consequences for the electric field structure which must exist in equilibrium along the magnetic fieldExpand
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