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Effect of progestagen and PMSG on oestrous synchronization and fertility in Dorper ewes during the transition period
Abstract An oestrous synchronization study was conducted on 202 Dorper ewes kept under extensive veld conditions of South Africa, during the transition period from the natural breeding to theExpand
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Synchronisation of oestrus in goats: the use of different progestagen treatments
Abstract The efficiency of medroxyprogesterone acetate (MAP), fluorogestone acetate (FGA) sponges and controlled internal drug release (CIDR) devices for synchronising oestrus in goats was evaluatedExpand
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Reproductive performance of South African indigenous goats following oestrous synchronisation and AI
The reproductive performance following oestrous synchronisation and artificial insemination (AI) was evaluated during the natural breeding season (autumn) in 90 indigenous (Boer and Nguni) SouthExpand
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Comparative milk production potential of Indigenous and Boer goats under two feeding systems in South Africa
Abstract The aim of the study was to investigate the milk potential of Boer goat and South African local Indigenous goat does, under intensive and extensive nutritional regimes. Thirty-sixExpand
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The effect of supplementation on productive performance of Boer goat bucks fed winter veld hay
Fifteen Boer goat bucks, (6–8 months old), were allocated into two groups and fed ad libitum for a period of 29 days. The WH group (winter hay; n = 8) received a chopped diet consisting of grass hay,Expand
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Serum amino acid and myofibrillar protein profiles in Boer goat bucks following undernutrition
Abstract The aim of the work was to determine serum free amino acid and myofibrillar protein profiles in Boer goats following undernutrition in order to study the physiological consequences ofExpand
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Scrotal, testicular and semen characteristics of young Dorper rams managed under intensive and extensive conditions
Abstract In this study, the influence of two feeding regimes on certain reproductive characteristics of young Dorper rams was investigated. Thirty-two Dorper rams were divided into two homogeneousExpand
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Superovulation and embryo transfer in South African Boer and Indigenous feral goats
Abstract With the international interest in South African Boer goats and the possible utilization of superior genetic material, 56 Indigenous feral and 25 Boer goat does were used either asExpand
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A study of mineral status in the carcass of Boer goat bucks: influence of suplementation
Resumen en: Minerals of the carcass were evaluated in Boer goat bucks under two feeding regimens: winter grass veld hay with or without supplementation. Non-suppl...
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A survey of small-scale cattle farming systems in the North West Province of South Africa
A questionnaire-based survey was conducted among a purposive sample of 60 small-scale cattle farmers in the Mopeane Rustenburg district, all of whom owned five or more head of cattle. Results showedExpand
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