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The Soviet Citizen. Daily Life in a Totalitarian Society
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Putting the lid on Leninism
It will soon be forty years since Lenin decided, to ‘put the lid on opposition’, as he expressed it himself at the dramatic Tenth Congress of his party in March 1921. Much has happened since then,Expand
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Encounters with Lenin
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The Government and Politics of the Soviet Union
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The Soviet reaction to ‘Eurocommunism’
Assertion of independence from Moscow by some West European Communist parties, inaccurately known as ‘Eurocommunism’ has caused angry reaction by Soviet Russia, especially when those parties haveExpand
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The Communist Party of the Soviet Union
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The Bolsheviks in Action
On his arrival in Russia, Lenin adopted, for tactical reasons, the doctrine that it was the Soviets which must seize power. To have acted otherwise would have been to risk alienating mass support,Expand
Review: Interest Groups in Soviet Politics
characterize the Europe of the '7os." They seem to envision a combination of continued integration on the basis of the community approach and an enlarged membership, with greater flexibility andExpand