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Homelessness as psychological trauma. Broadening perspectives.
The authors of this article argue that homelessness itself is a risk factor for emotional disorder and use the construct of psychological trauma--focusing on social disaffiliation and learned helplessness--to understand the potential effects of homelessness.
Truancy, grade point average, and sexual activity: a meta-analysis of risk indicators for youth substance use.
Three risk measures associated with substance use were selected from among commonly used school surveys, and Truancy was judged superior, because of its strong predictive value, particularly among younger students, and because rates can be compared to school records to assess sampling validity over time.
Lying Thoughts of an Applied Social Psychologist
Lies are considered bad, immoral, and reprehensible. Yet there is considerable evidence that prevarication is a ubiquitous feature of human social interaction. Psychologists, as well as others in
Ten Days of Birthright Israel: A Journey in Young Adult Identity
In Ten Days, Leonard Saxe, Brandeis University, and Barry Chazan, Spertus College, serve as tour guides and interpreters as they tell the story of Birthright Israel, an intensive ten-day educational
The visibility of illicit drugs: implications for community-based drug control strategies.
The most disadvantaged neighborhoods have the most visible drug problems, but drug use is nearly equally distributed across all communities, so efforts to address drug-related problems in poorer areas need to take into account the broader drug market served by these neighborhoods.