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Experiment with paraconic pendulums during the Novemember 3, 1994 solar eclipse in Brazil
The present article is the concluding article in a series discussing the results of the author's experiments with paraconic pendulums during solar eclipses from 1990 to 1994. During an eclipse, it isExpand
Paraconic Pendulum as precise Tiltmeter
High precision tilt measurements are necessary to solve a lot of problems in science, engineering, building, and so on. There are different kinds of tiltmeters to measure small tilts (amplitude tillExpand
Prospects for Dynamic Measuring Systems in Gravitational Experiments
A review is presented of basic experiments over the last 45 years devoted to one of the most controversial problems of modern science, namely the existence of gravitational shielding.
Paraconic pendulum: Proposal to detect the gravity screening effect during the full solar eclipse
SummaryThe possibility to detect Allais effect by the paraconic pendulum with the needle and ball suspension is considered. Foucalt force and friction force are estimated with the conclusion to useExpand
Gravitational shielding and the equivalence principle
It is a review of recent experiments for the detection of gravitational shielding. A link of these studies with the experimental tests of the Equivalence Principle (EP) is discussed.
Paraconical pendulum as a detector of gravitational effects during solar eclipses
A high-precision, stable, dynamic pendulum-type device created by the present authors and intended for searching for Allais-type gravitational effects is described, and results of an experiment usingExpand
A gravimetric pendulum device as a precision tiltmeter
A pendulum gravimeter as a tiltmeter for investigating the possibility of recording small inclinations of different objects (pedestals, buildings, etc.) in the range of tidal inclinations of theExpand