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Network analysis of Italian cattle trade patterns and evaluation of risks for potential disease spread.
Livestock movement data represent a valuable source of information to understand the pattern of contacts between premises which may determine the spread of diseases. Social network analysisExpand
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Dynamical Patterns of Cattle Trade Movements
Despite their importance for the spread of zoonotic diseases, our understanding of the dynamical aspects characterizing the movements of farmed animal populations remains limited as these systems areExpand
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Optimizing surveillance for livestock disease spreading through animal movements
The spatial propagation of many livestock infectious diseases critically depends on the animal movements among premises; so the knowledge of movement data may help us to detect, manage and control anExpand
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The effect of climate on the presence of Culicoides imicola in Italy.
A model was developed to classify the Italian territories in relation to their suitability to harbour populations of Culicoides imicola and, as a consequence, also able to sustain a bluetongue (BT)Expand
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Bluetongue virus surveillance in a newly infected area.
The occurrence of bluetongue virus (BTV) in areas in which intensive animal production is practised and where there is extensive movement of animals may have a substantial impact on both animal tradeExpand
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Farm productive realities and the dynamics of bovine viral diarrhea (BVD) transmission
Bovine Viral Diarrhea (BVD) is a viral disease that affects cattle and that is endemic to many European countries. It has a markedly negative impact on the economy, through reduced milk production,Expand
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The use of risk assessment to decide the control strategy for bluetongue in Italian ruminant populations.
The affiliation, assessment and management of risks is a traditional part of veterinary medicine. In the past, veterinary services involved in this type of activity usually assessed risksExpand
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Evaluation of risk and vulnerability using a Disease Flow Centrality measure in dynamic cattle trade networks.
A new method for the calculation of a centrality measure (Disease Flow Centrality, DFC), which takes into account temporal dynamics of livestock movement networks, is proposed. The method is based onExpand
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Novel environmental factors influencing the distribution and abundance of Culicoides imicola and the Obsoletus Complex in Italy.
Bluetongue (BT) is an orbiviral disease of ruminant livestock. In Europe, the insect vectors implicated in BT virus transmission are Culicoides imicola, C. obsoletus, C. scoticus, C. pulicaris and C.Expand
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A New Weighted Degree Centrality Measure: The Application in an Animal Disease Epidemic
In recent years researchers have investigated a growing number of weighted heterogeneous networks, where connections are not merely binary entities, but are proportional to the intensity or capacityExpand
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