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Currents in Environmental Education: Mapping a Complex and Evolving Pedagogical Field.
The purpose of this article is to bring to light and celebrate the richness of the environmental education field, thereby paying homage to the pedagogical creativity of its architects over the courseExpand
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Environmental Education and Sustainable Development: A Further Appraisal.
According to UNESCO's recent documents, sustainable development is the "ultimate goal of the Man-environment relationship"; thus, the whole educational process should be "reshaped for sustainableExpand
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Environmental Education Between Modernity and Postmodernity: Searching for an Integrating Educational Framework
With the recent debates concerning the UNESCO's proposals of Education for sustainable development (1992, 1988) or Education for a sustainable future (1997), environmental education is confrontedExpand
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Educação ambiental: possibilidades e limitações
No correr dos ultimos trinta anos, os que atuam na area da educacao ambiental tem gradualmente tomado consciencia da riqueza e da amplitude do projeto educativo que ajudaram a construir. Deram-seExpand
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Environmental education: possibilities and constraints
Over the last 30 years, those involved in environmental education have gradually become aware of the richness and breadth of the educational project they have contributed to build. They have realisedExpand
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Cuando se aborda el campo de la educacion ambiental, uno se puede dar cuenta que a pesar de su preocupacion comun por el medio ambiente y el reconocimiento del papel central de la educacion para elExpand
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Environmental Health Education: A Participatory Holistic Approach
In response to the lack of theoretical foundations in the emerging field of “environmental health education,” this article presents a proposal for a theoretical framework which integratesExpand
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L'éducation scientifique, l'éducation à l'environnement et l'éducation pour le développement durable. Croisements, enjeux et mouvances
Dans la perspective d’enrichir l’éducation scientifique d’une dimension citoyenne, et plus spécifi quement écocitoyenne, la prise en compte des questions socioécologiques requiert l’intégration dansExpand
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Three Decades of International Guidelines for Environment-Related Education: A Critical Hermeneutic of the United Nations Discourse
The UNESCO-UNEP International Environmental Education Program (1975- 1995) provided impetus for developing, legitimizing, and institutionalizing environmental education. More recently, UNESCO wasExpand
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