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Cool URIs for the semantic web
This article discusses two strategies, called 303 URIs and hash URIs, and gives pointers to several web sites that use them, and briefly discusses why several other proposals have problems. Expand
Overview and Outlook on the Semantic Desktop
An overview of the Semantic Desktop paradigm, beginning with the history of the term, a definition, current work and its relevance to knowledge management of the future, and an outlook on the next steps. Expand
PIMO-a Framework for Representing Personal Information Models
This paper presents the concept and realization of a Personal Information Model (PIMO). A PIMO is used to represent a single users’ concepts, such as projects, tasks, contacts, organizations,Expand
The Gnowsis Semantic Desktop for Information Integration
This paper presents the vision of the Semantic Desktop – a Semantic Web enhanced desktop environment that takes know-how from theSemantic Web to tackle personal information management and will enable us to create tools for information management faster and cheaper. Expand
The NEPOMUK Project - On the way to the Social Semantic Desktop
The requirements and functionalities that were identified for a useful Semantic Desktop system are outlined and an architecture that fulfills these requirements is presented which was acquired by incremental refinement of the architecture of existing Semantic desktop prototypes. Expand
Organisational Knowledge Management Systems in the Era of Enterprise 2.0: The case of OrganiK
This paper introduces a knowledge management system architecture that merges enterprise social software characteristics from the realm of Enterprise 2.0, information processing techniques from the domain of Semantic Web technologies, in order to deliver a KM approach that could assist in reducing the socio-technical gap. Expand
Evaluating Long-Term Use of the Gnowsis Semantic Desktop for PIM
It is discovered that in the personal environment, simple has-Part and is-related relations are sufficient for users to file and re-find information, and that the personal semantic wiki was used creatively to note information. Expand
Semantic Desktop 2.0: The Gnowsis Experience
In this paper we present lessons learned from building a Semantic Desktop system, the gnowsis beta. On desktop computers, semantic software has to provide stable services and has to reflect theExpand
Using semantic web technologies to build a semantic desktop
A paperboard carton having a large capacity pouring spout formed in a relatively narrow end wall, the pouring spout being fabricated as the carton is tubed into knocked-down flat-folded condition,Expand
The Semantic Desktop-a Basis for Personal Knowledge Management
Knowledge Management software is software that integrates. Existing Data sources, process flows, application features from office appliances have to be brought together. There are differentExpand