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Public Transportation, IoT, Trust and Urban Habits
The need for interdisciplinary research is advocated, taking into account the different facets of a system which aims at improving the quality of urban life by collecting personal data, tracking citizens’ movements, correlating them with many other sources of information, and making the results widely available. Expand
From complementary currency to institution: A micro-macro study of the Sardex mutual credit system
The remarkable growth of Sardex as a local currency throughout the island of Sardinia over the past 5 years motivated an in-depth look at its starting assumptions, design and operational principles,Expand
From an idea of a scalable working model: merging economic benefits with social values in Sardex
The main findings are that trust was and continues to be fundamentally important for the creation and operation of the mutual credit system, and that Sardex encompasses and mediates both economic and social value(s). Expand
Why electronic voting ?
Scientists have been studying electronic voting for 30 years, and some countries have been using it for almost 20 years. Yet, arguments in favor of its adoption or against it usually take intoExpand
Self-Funded Social Impact Investment: An Interdisciplinary Analysis of the Sardex Mutual Credit System
ABSTRACT Sardex is a B2B electronic complementary currency and mutual credit system. It allows private funding to be endogenously generated within a geographically limited socio-economic context,Expand
The political party as a network of cleavages: Disclosing the inner structure of Italian political parties in the seventies
It is concluded that the party has an internal structure made of a network of MPs informed by external social cleavages and held together by the common goal of being reelected, similar to a pure proportional electoral system and highly polarized audiences. Expand
The Social Roots of the Gender Gap in Political Participation: The Role of Situational and Cultural Constraints in Italy
Abstract: The paper takes an innovative approach to the study of political participation by combining it with a gender studies perspective, investigating the role of structural and situationalExpand
Open government: what else?
Il paper vuole offrire un'interpretazione sociologica dell'Open government nella ricostruzione della nascita di un nuovo paradigma a cui si stanno rivolgendo sempre piu frequentemente politici,Expand