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Gaussian Boson sampling
The protocol for Gaussian Boson Sampling with single-mode squeezed states is presented and it is shown that the proposal with the Hafnian matrix function can retain the higher photon number contributions at the input. Expand
Two-particle bosonic-fermionic quantum walk via integrated photonics.
This work investigates how the particle statistics, either bosonic or fermionic, influences a two-particle discrete quantum walk, using polarization entanglement to simulate the bunching-antibunching feature of noninteracting bosons and fermions. Expand
Polarization entangled state measurement on a chip
We report the realization of an integrated beam splitter able to support polarization-encoded qubits. Using this device, we demonstrate quantum interference with polarization-entangled states andExpand
Demonstration of coherent time-frequency Schmidt mode selection using dispersion-engineered frequency conversion
Time-frequency Schmidt (TFS) modes of ultrafast quantum states are naturally compatible with high bit-rate integrated quantum communication networks. Thus they offer an attractive alternative for theExpand
Detailed study of Gaussian boson sampling
Since the development of Boson sampling, there has been a quest to construct more efficient and experimentally feasible protocols to test the computational complexity of sampling from photonicExpand
Anderson localization of entangled photons in an integrated quantum walk
Researchers observe Anderson localization for pairs of polarization-entangled photons in a discrete quantum walk affected by position-dependent disorder. By exploiting polarization entanglement ofExpand
Integrated photonic quantum gates for polarization qubits
The first integrated photonic controlled-NOT (CNOT) gate for polarization-encoded qubits is demonstrated, demonstrating its high fidelity to the expected one and the ability of this gate to transform separable states into entangled ones and vice versa. Expand
Experimental generation and characterization of single-photon hybrid ququarts based on polarization and orbital angular momentum encoding
High-dimensional quantum states, or qudits, represent a promising resource in the quantum information field. Here we present the experimental generation of four-dimensional quantum states, orExpand
A two-channel, spectrally degenerate polarization entangled source on chip
Integrated optics provides the platform for the experimental implementation of highly complex and compact circuits for quantum information applications. In this context integrated waveguide sourcesExpand
Polarization entangled states measurement on a chip
The emerging strategy to overcome the limitations of bulk quantum optics consists of taking advantage of the robustness and compactness achievable by the integrated waveguide technology. Here weExpand